Nigeria oil pipes, Shell
Despite billions of dollars in oil revenue, 70% of people in Nigeria live below the poverty line. Photograph: George Osodi/AP

1. Fighting oil theft

"Stop the theft is a campaign to raise awareness about the scale and consequences of the illegal theft of oil in the Niger Delta and to work with partners and other interested parties to propose and advocate for long term and tangible solutions. The campaign is led by Ambassador Dr Patrick Dele Cole, the former international relations adviser to President Obasanjo and an indigene of Abonnema in Rivers State which has been affected by the illegal trade for many years."

2. Crowdfunding

"Think of 234Give as a tunnel. On one end are all those who want to help. On the other end are all those who need it. 234Give is the connection to link donors and fundraisers with deserving charities and needy projects. In other words, we help you make an impact!"

3. Diaspora voting

"The objective of this initiative is to secure a vote for each Nigerian in the Diaspora. To achieve this objective, it is my desire that every Nigerian in the Diaspora will rise up and support the initiative. It is also my desire that every Nigerian living at home will also support the initiative. Nigeria belongs to all of us and we need to build it together. This initiative does not seek any monetary contribution from you to support it. All I want is for you to register your support and get your friends and family to do the same. There's power in numbers and the support of everyone is needed."

4. Promoting online education

"At Gaps (Grow, advance, produce, succeed) academy, we aim to empower everyone to learn, share and bridge the gaps in their knowledge and experience. Our mission is to enable everyone to teach and mentor at least someone in Africa. We are crowd sourcing the learning process! We are using collaborative technology to bridge the knowledge gap in Africa."

5. Demystifying government finance

"BudgIT is a creative start-up driven to retell the Nigerian budget and public data in a finer detail across every literacy span. We aim to stimulate citizens interests around public data and hence trigger discussions towards better governance."