ÔÇőPerhaps the brouhaha of the so called deportation of igbos in Lagos had died down; the over sensitization of the issue by igbo elites, has once more put to the front burner the disrespect and ingratitude of these people to yorubas.

The media, particularly those run by igbos or having igbo presenters, reacted uncharitably during this period. They presented Fashola as an enemy of Igbos and wonder why he refused to ‘deport’ fellow yorubas from other states. None of them, claimed they were acting on authentic information on what transpired in Lagos. Just like their usual playing to the gallery on every issue between them and yorubas, they resorted to blackmail.

Unfortunately, Governor Fashola fell for their pranks and mischieves. He laboriously explain to them what truly happened. It later became obvious that the Igbos deported, are urchins who were homeless and needed assistance to go back home. Fashola and Lagos state government merely did a favour to these igbos.

I thought with the explanation from Fashola, Igbos would have tendered unreserved apology to that gentleman governor; they didn’t. Instead name calling, and their ever boastful innuendo that they have enough population to take over Lagos state, continued.

Every time there is a crisis in the North, the Igbos suffer the highest casualty, not because they are the most populated non natives in the North; rather they are the cunniest and most greedy, and their hosts are not comfortable with them. The Hausas are weary of them and would do anything to get rid of them. In spite of the terrible nature of most of them, only yorubas treat them with dignity and gave them home away from their ancestral home; yet no gratitude.

Nigeria is a federation, with several federating units. Every federating unit has the power to determine the kind of people it wants. Lagos state cannot welcome criminals and vagabonds just because they are from Nigeria. The state has the right to safeguard every law abiding citizen and residents.

Let the truth be told, visit any of the prisons in the south west, and the whole north, check the statistics of those awaiting trials for armed robbery, kidnapping and fraud. You will be alarm at the numbers of Igbo youths involved.

It’s time, Igbos orientate themselves and purge the mindset of wealth at all cost from their ways of life. The onus lies on their leaders to stop apportioning blames here and there, and save the Igbo nation from an eminent extinction as a result of eroding cultural norms and values.

All over eastern states, there is no prominent Yoruba or Hausa family that has made a home there. Yet prominent Igbo families have made western and northern Nigeria, home; majority never going back to the east till death. It’s simply shows the Igbos are hostile to visitors. Little wonder, they don’t sell their lands to non-natives.

In the last twenty years, citizens of the north, particularly Hausas who are beggars have been sent parking by various Lagos governments without their kinsmen drawing any blood. Hausas who are more populated than Igbos in Lagos state, have never undermined the hospitality of their host. But these igbos wont just stop.

If in doubt of Hausa population in Lagos state, check the voting percentage recorded by Hausa presidential candidates during presidential elections and those of Igbo candidates in Lagos state, from 1979 to date. The so called Igbo population cannot guarantee any of their kinsmen a councillorship seat in any of the development councils in Lagos state.

The spates of bombing in states like Kano, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa have seen the igbos losing their people. These same igbo elites who are quick to attack the person and office of Fashola, will only go to the governors of these states to commiserate with them. Always afraid to make their views known about the plights of their people in such states. But in Yoruba states, they develop the audacity to make comments that are most of the time ill-informed.

Igbos backstabbing against yorubas must stop forthwith. Yorubas are naturally kind to their visitors; Igbos should stop taking advantage of this.

Olurotimi Adeola