African Affairs in Euro American Chessboard


African affairs have remained a tool in the hands of foreign and imperialist bodies that use it for their selfish interest and imposition of alien cultures and values on Africans.

Historically, after the accident of Africa (slavery), Africa was partitioned into several States, which became a springboard for the imposition of imperialist structures on Africans. Today, we have French, English, Portuguese, speaking countries African countries and other encroaching languages.

African affairs have never received the required attention in world politics. Monumental issues plaguing African continent like HIV scourge, wars, political conflict, religious crisis, unemployment, debt burden, brain drain and gross underdevelopment. HIV/AIDS was discovered around the eighties and its origin was not Africa. Today, an estimate of 600 to 700 people die daily in Africa but not very much is been done by the international community to fund its research and mass enlightenment.

Viramine still remains highly recommended by the World Health Organization even after America has echoed that it can cause liver damage. Anthrax was discovered after September 11 2001 and today it has been curtailed and contained. Political conflict and arms struggle has been a major bane to the development of Africa. Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo, Ivory Coast are groaning from self-inflicted injuries with the help of imperialist gunboats and firearms. None of the above mentioned countries have manufactured a bicycle but arms sale and distribution is the stock-in-trade of major cartels across Europe and America in the face of the international community.

Liberia, a former and only colony of America in Africa fought a civil war, it took the intervention of ECOWAS through ECOMOG to restore uneasy calm in that country. Sierra Leone suffered the same fate and today, the conflict in Darfur stares on the face of the international community. Africa will not easily forget the genocide in Rwanda. The Hutsis and Tutsis fought brutally and millions of Africans were brutally killed including women and children.

Coups and counter coups have ravaged the African continent some sponsored by selfish European cartels, all in a bid to keep plundering the vulnerable society of Africa, carting away her resources to the detriment of poor Africans. What happened in Equatorial Guinea, if not for the intervention of Guinean authorities would have been a minus to the nascent peace in Africa. A coup was sponsored by a westerner to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea.

After a sham trial, the South African judiciary was ridiculed by the pervasion of justice. Mark Thatcher, who played a major role in financing and supply of the needed logistic to overthrow the legitimate government of an African State, was given a four years suspended sentence. That is the height of manipulation of African affairs in modern times. The young man only followed a precedent laid down by the imperialist agents, which his mother Margaret Thatcher was a principal actor. According to Paul Adujie, Mark Thatcher has followed a well-worn pattern of non-Africans undermining of African interests for the financial, pecuniary and strategic geopolitical interest of Americans & Europeans.

Mark Thatcher committed a treasonable felony until the contrary is proved. But today, he gallops a free man after being given a four-year suspended sentence. He is free to reunite with his wife, the presumed daughter of an oil monger maybe in Texas. Equatorial Guinea is a former Spanish colony, that country becomes relevant when it comes to Spanish oil policy or when the Monarch and royalties of Spain wants to go hunting. At 80, Margaret Thatcher who retired in 1992 from active politics with the title of Baroness visited her son who was accused of conspiracy in a coup to violently overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea in August 2004. The result of the visit was an accelerated hearing, which saw the accused person paying a pittance of fine and went back home comfortably.

It is regrettable to the utmost of my chagrin that democracy as a baby is often times murdered by its own nurse (the West). The paramount question now is can an African conceive or attempt a coup plot in Europe, England precisely? The answer is NO because if that happens, a Guantanamo bay will be created in the midlands of Britain.

Double standards, divide and rule, imposition of draconian foreign policy are some of the chief bane to the development of Africa. What about unfair trade? What are the subsidies earmarked for African farmers? What is the policy on price control of African cash crops? The subsidies are very low, and CAFOD has it that the trade system is most unfair to the African nations. The Western press are not helping matters in that an issue as serious as a plot to overthrow the government of an African State (coup) was given very little coverage, while in the last few weeks, sustained attention was beamed by BBC on the Olympic games, which gave way to deployment of Black Watch regiment, followed by the death of Yessar Arafat, Palestinian Leader, while David Blunket's resignation followed and today it's tsunami disaster.

Undermining of Africa and campaign for the destruction of Africa for the selfish interest of the West will not succeed if African mediocre is not involved. I strongly recommend that African Union have to put this issue at top priority. There should be a legislation countering external influence and such legislation must have the force of Law, African leaders must adhere not to their colonial masters alone but to African legislations by Africans for Africa.

Also, there is the need to pursue a pure African agenda devoid of western influence. African leaders should be able to unite and stand up for Africans even where it is most difficult in our economically unfair world. The African Union should be able to manage French, Portuguese, English and American influence positively in our polity. That will be the beginning of African emancipation.


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