El-rufai and my adopted state

El-rufai and my adopted state

The most unlikely news hit the newsstand recently, and it’s amazing that majority of Nigerians are indifference about it.  The likelihood of an eccentric character like Nasir El-rufai becoming a public servant again is simply a mission impossible. Now I am perplex, still wondering why those who are encouraging him seem to be in a hurry to see to his total annihilation in the society.

Mallam Nasir El-rufai is a political liability to any discerning political party. His records in public service speak volume to this assertion. He messed up the Bureau for Public procurement; sold NITEL/MTEL to an unscrupulous firm and began the endless privatization of PHCN. No need mentioning his dictatorial and blood soaking reign as the Federal Capital Territory Minister; the graves abound in the capital are evidences of his inglorious era.

I have course to inform Nigerians in several media that Nasir El-rufai romance with Buhari is for personal aggrandizement and political relevance. He foresees in General Buhari, an easy ticket to returning back to power; something he can never achieve on his own considering his disastrous services to the fatherland. He is smart alec, whose survival is based on access to public treasury.

El-rufai and his cohorts will readily tell Nigerians they served them well. Perhaps he will mesmerize the people with claims that he enforced compliance to the Abuja master plan. He may be quick in telling the gullible ones in our midst that he is incorruptible. My heart indeed bleeds for those who will buy into his story.

Prior to his appointment as the boss of BPE, he owned a firm that could barely sustain him. Today his story is different; he is now elitist, thanks to our sham democracy that empowers opportunists like him in the corridor of power while impoverishing the vast majority of the people. El-rufai is an opportunist, and had betrayed all who were benevolent to him.  From Atiku, to Obasanjo, to Yar’adua and now Goodluck; unfortunately, General Buhari is about to be his next victim.

El-rufai wants to ride on Buhari’s popularity among the Hausa/Fulani to coast to the seat of power in Kaduna state. For a man who is never known as a lover of the masses, to aspire for governorship can only be possible in our shambolic democracy. What will El-rufai be telling the good people of Kaduna state, as his reasons for aspiring to rule them?

Just as his friend Lai Mohammed, who in spite of his claims to political clots and uncharitable positions on very sensitive national issues in order to create sensations in the society,  was roundly defeated in 2007 gubernatorial  poll in Kwara state, Nasir El-rufai is working  arduously  towards the same fate.

Where are our intellectuals, why are we all shying away from politics; allowing our country to continue to be raped by charlatans, political neophytes, and criminals. The El-rufai of this world will have no gut to parade our public space if the right persons come out from their shells and put them in their long overdue rubbish dumpsites.

The political party, under which Nasir El-rufai wants to unleash his loathsome missions on Nigerians, should save themselves from the doom Nasir’s presence portend. El-rufai is destructive in nature; his years of demolitions in FCT, coupled with his seizures of goods from the poor and helpless persons in the name of sanitization had exposed him as a derail individual who enjoys the agonizing travails of others.

He said he’s incorruptible, yet as a public servant living on monthly salary, he sends all his legion of children abroad to school irrespective of their ages. Where did the money come from?

Just recently, he lost a son in a ghastly motor accident. Though I sympathized with him over this lost; the time of the accident and the vehicle driven by his son, who was said to be just twenty years, put an end to any claim to his incorruptibility. The accident happened at five in the morning, which means his son was coming back from a party; obviously drunk. The worth of the vehicle was estimate by a car dealer friend of mine to be nothing less than twenty four million naira. Where did El-rufai’s son got such stupendous wealth to flaunt around? He was said to be a fresh graduate and jobless.

For me, the El-rufai’s phenomenon lives sour taste in the mouth; his crusade against the government at the centre and his use of the social media to fabricate lies against perceived opponents and enemies, is an assault on our collective mindsets. He is the most undesirable person to speak against corruption, when his hands and pockets are filled with ill-gotten wealth.

APC must weed out El-rufai from his fold, if they truly want to make any impact in 2015. He rubbished the PDP in Abuja during his heydays as FCT minster; his infamous achievements as minister led to PDP dismal outing in Abuja’s senatorial and council polls. Only wish APC will learn from this.

The good people of Kaduna state will reject Nasir El-rufai, if APC makes the mistake of picking him as its party’s flag-bearer in 2015. For a man who is anti-masses, anti-progressive, do not have the slimmest chance in my state of birth.

El-rufai needs to hear the truth; his era in our nation psyche is over. Let those who love him open his eyes to this fact. Nigerians’ verdict on him is - go and never come back, and I share in this sentiment.

Written by

Olurotimi Adeola

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