This is a season, not of anomy but of all time utmost clarity. We no longer imagine for one moment that there is any mystery about the entity called Nigeria. There is nothing left to be seen. In time past, one may need magnifying lenses, not anymore. We don't even need oracular permutations to view the future. The sign post has long been there except that some elected to wake late in the day. However, this awakening is morning yet on glorious dawn.

The wavelength now is to continue to instill fears and doubt on the minds of tottering people in that ailed design registered as Nigeria Inc.

Not too long ago, they dished out to you that Igbo's like's money; that all you need is to shake a few shekels of silver or bronze when an Ibo man lay dead and he would wake up. In other words, no ethnic group loves money more than the Igbo's. This was stereotypically swallowed.

They served a second dish; Igbo's are domineering and will run its neighbors rough-shod given the opportunity to rule. To foster this argument, states were created in the south East and as expected, everybody raised fingers to high heavens and sang "Shekelekebangoshea".?When they brought their hands down, they looked at their finger nails and saw white marks, a proof that those white flying birds, soaring up in the sky had honored their wishes. Like babies, they were happy.

Before sundry men and women could digest the last menu, they brought "tuwo shinkafi," Igbo's control Nigeria commerce. People loved this tuwo of a shinkafi most because they looked at Balogun and trade fair complex in Lagos, saw Dilimi street and Ojukwu Jenta, both in Jos, looked at Kano and Kaduna and knew about Main market Onitsha. Most of the shops or corners are owned by Igbo's. No other evidence was needed. Ownership of these shops is a direct link to Igbo's control of commerce. The evidence furthered by price haggling with Igbo's and their costumers wherever they found themselves.

Now, they would remind you to take a look at Ijaw and Ishekiri, Esan and Uhrobo, kidnapping in the east and other ethnic rivalries. This reminder is to assure us that conflict exists everywhere. In other words, we should stay the way we are; we should accept the status quo and remain a decadent society, without electricity, pipe borne water, good road network, security of life and property, etc,.

The best selling shot they have found today is in the person of Sanusi, CBN bank chief. The rule of law initially flown to be the main pivot of UMYA no longer holds water.

The fed is getting full. At a point, one being fed will contract and seize to be fed like a horse taken to a river. Must you continue to drink from the cistern of lies?

It is obvious today the part of the country that controls the machinery of state planning for at least thirty five of the past fifty years of Nigeria's unmeritorious existence. We now know that who got the power, got the oil and therefore source of fund. It is obvious today which part of the country had kept its own people in abject poverty; in poverty of means as well as poverty of learning and scholarship.

Some writers had given kudos to Dora Akunyili for saying her mind in a forum where what mattered most is to "hold your side." She knew that there was nothing to re-brand; she knew that she could no longer say that Nigeria is not a terrorist country when as a follow up to the anger of a Muttalab, some elements in Bauchi, in the north of Nigeria mounted an insurrection against the citizenry. As this was being broadcasted world-wide and quelled, a greater curse on women's uterus erupted in Jos, Plateau state, a state that houses - Go On With One Nigeria {GOWON}, a state that if you move a bit down, you will find the likes of T.Y. Danjuma. Before the whole world, corpses were discovered thrown inside pits; heads down. History is already the witness of a mother that "came home to roost" in the person of Dora Akunyili. Her message was simply human, no ideologues attached, no isms embedded.

While making her pronouncements at FEC, she spoke of the most immediate. Given enough time to chronicle the problems, she would have articulated that the time is right to liberate even those Almajiris who are still in Primary Schools, Class 1 at age nineteen in the north; those Almajiris that only goes to school because a stick of cigarette would be given to them if they show up. They will be educated to see who their real enemies are. Those who would "open their eyes" are already on the ground.

Abubakar Suleiman is there and others of his kilt. They would educate them, making sure they understand what they are being taught and encourage them to tell others in the language they are familiar with. If they need a cigarette, they would buy a pack by themselves.

For some of us in Diasporas, we are waiting for those "whodunit" on us.

In US, there is an American Forfeiture Law, tied to RICO-The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which entitles a people to go to any federal court and show that an asset or assets are proceeds from ill gotten wealth or public money. The advantage of such law is that the onus of proof is on the accused. Under such law, the US government can seize property based solely upon probable cause to believe that the property was gotten unlawfully, and this applies to those owned by foreigners.

Not even their conduits living overseas, assisting them for these activities would have a place to hide.

We would wait for them at airports and follow them to press conferences.

As for those who feed on fears, we will remind them of the basics, the determinant factors holding a country down, such determinants being the menial provision of human and humane amenities that enables life worth living to teeming Nigerians, such determinants being the reasons why government exists in the first place.

Patrick Nwadike is a member, Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan and recently formed Writers Cave, Tokyo.