This article is a sequence to the one I wrote when my dearest was convicted by one inexperienced Justice Olubunmi Oyewole to 28 years imprisonment without an option of fine in 2009. I titled the article, "My Hubby, Bode George as a Scapegoat". I won't say much in this second part though.

I think I have been vindicated for he has since been released. He has been set free with fanfare and glamour; with jubilation and aso ebi; with the Holy Bible and Quran. Praise God Almighty. Baba Orun tii d'oju tiwon.

I thank all those prison officials who allowed me to be with my hubby in that posh cell whenever I chose. I also thank our pastors, priests, alfas who kept reassuring us that my dear BG has done nothing wrong in Nigerian context. I want to use this medium to smile my thanks, for their sermons actually sustained the family. We shall soon increase our weekly tithe.

Upon his release, we ferried him to the church where service was held for him. Praise Allah. Praise Jehovah. We prayed for God to destroy his enemies, especially those behaving as friends. The pastor or is it the priest prayed fervently for God to destroy all those trying to systematically block his way to Aso Rock

After the wonderful service, my dearest was jetted to our multi-million naira home where I bathed him with warm water in our specially made Jacuzzi. How many Nigerians can boast of a well talk less of Jacuzzi. Life is like that. One thing I have since realised about Nigeria is that it is about getting yours. But of course you may continue to engage in self-deceit.

I had indignantly disagreed with the verdict then and predicted that my husband was a scapegoat and that he would be released soon. And many Nigerians had called me names then. Now that my dearest has been released, whom would you say understand Naija better?

I repeat my hubby was convicted not because of the money he stole or misappropriated (whichever fancy your taste). Dearest was actually sent to prison because someone wanted to show that he was more powerful than him. That person is as the Yoruba would say Ajegbodo t'onweni kunra. The man who was solely behind my hubby's incarceration was Elewon himself.

I had described my hubby, Peoples Democratic Party Chieftain and former Nigeria Ports Authority chairman as a patriot. I had predicted that my man would rise again. I said specifically that BG will use the prison experience as an ugly horse to ride to Aso Rock, the seat of power where no one would be able to touch him. With his release from the prison, do you now believe me or you're still as naive?

This is Nigeria we're talking about! How could a Nigerian judge sentence a man of BG's calibre, accusing him of petty crimes like contract splitting, abuse of office and disobedience to lawful order? I mean even if you think I'm vague and vain, you should be honest to yourself and ask this question: Are bigger thieves, even murderers not parading Nigerian streets with the pride of a locust?

And what is the big deal being a prisoner? Didn't they send baba too to prison? Even the great Awo also went to prison. So what's the big deal! So why mocking my hubby as elewon! Sorry to say, but I'm convinced that Nigerians are being foolish for stigmatising my hero, my husband. I suppose any ex-prisoner should be given the chance to live his life.

Nigerians never cease to amaze me. From the masses to the intellectuals! They are pretty much the same. They have eyes but see very little. They have ears but behave like a deaf. They say they pass through school but it seems school never pass through them. Even Baba Obasanjo was there to welcome BG home.

Perhaps you fool calling yourself a social critic should ponder on this well crafted by Bode George Movement (BGM):

"Even though he was jailed for criminal offence of corruption, we fervently believe that our great leader is a man of honour, probity and integrity. In any case, who in Nigeria has the moral authority to accuse any other person of corruption? Are we not all corrupt? We are amazed that so much fuss was made over the peanuts our mentor allegedly embezzled at the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) in a country where people routinely steal billions of Naira".

And what's my grudge? How dare you accuse my husband of fund misappropriation in a country where Malam Ribadu and Asiwaju Tinubu are now in the same party! Nigerian politicians are rotten and so is my hubby. But the masses are more rotten and will continue to be rotten. If you like call GB an area boy or whatever, he is more practical than you.

What is more important is that I stood beside my husband throughout his incarceration. I did not go astray even though there were many advances from his political friends, most especially that notorious womaniser. He told me he would release my husband if I allowed him to shine my congo. I refused and he wanted to blackmail me.

I had to blackmail him back that if I should talk about the atrocities he and PDP had committed, that is the end of Nigeria. He definitely knows what that means so he settled me kia kia. See, I am not Bode George's wife for nothing. I have learnt the game and I am playing it for the benefit of my family. Am I not a good wife and mother too?

As a matter of fact I don't really give a dam about what they say about me. BG may be twice my age what matters is I love him so much. Besides, he is good and even better in bed than young men. What else do I need? I repeat our kids are doing well in Igilandi and Yanki. I myself go to Igilandi frequently. If you don't like this, then go jump inside the river.

Oh gosh, I almost forgot to thank thousands of Nigerians who wore aso-ebi to welcome BG home. We shall show our profound gratitude to all of you whenever political appointment or contract is available. That was why we asked you to leave your name and address in the Visitor's Book. You have helped us define what Nigeria is all about. Get Yours.