We are forced to worship and adore them and they are quick to call in the police or military to keep us away from themselves. We celebrate the visits of our first ladies to the market, hospitals, and prisons and for the promises they make to erect castles in the air as if they were elected to make such sensitive political decisions. In USA and Europe, politicians and members of public mix up both in public transport, shopping complexes, conferences, holidays and on the streets etc.

We also celebrate when a senator announces the donation of public fund to a section of the community for projects that have no origin of how their priorities were arrived at against other public demands for services.

We celebrate when our leaders escape from foreign prisons and from justice because they are not the only thieves and should not be held responsible for the crime of all thieves against their society. We celebrate for the downfall of those who are sincere enough to call a thief, ÔÇśa thief', and for the thief to be left free to continue to reign from both frontline and sideline.

We celebrate along the line of tribe and religion all the time for the wrong reasons, leaving the country in the hands of no one with attitude for national belief and a drive for national philosophy and integrity. The only such person would be Nuhu Ribadu, but was not elected on a political platform. Before him and outside the last ten years were Buhari / Tunde Idiagbon. Buhari however had bad reputation for religious fanaticism. Obasanjo had some good intentions but failed to convince because of his military characteristics and little attitude for applying diplomacy. His legacies are not in the total respect for the rule of law and democratic processes; otherwise he would have taken time to groom his successor, which would have enable sustainability of his fight against corruption. This aspect of his enviable legacy is almost completely eroded. Or may I say he chose a wrong man to lead the fight, as Ribadu became too committed and was prepared to go beyond the call of duty to get the desired result. After all there are so many rumours surrounding the funding of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the reason why some of the indicted personalities must not be further prosecuted by the EFCC. Their files have been flushed down the drain and Nuhu Ribadu has fled the country. And we are celebrating! 

Our judiciary is only rising but yet to sustain their credibility. Members of the national assembly are speaking with party voices and not responding to the calls of Nigerians. The executive has one head but disjointed centres of authority. Democracy is about the voice of the people and when they say "we want full implementation of Justice Uwais Report" they should be granted that. When they ask for freedom of information act it should be given to them, even if there would be some restrictions attached.

Police remain the decimals of chaos, the prosecutor, jury, judge and executioner. They kill and maim. They are tax collectors and champions of bribery and corruption. They had every reason to support the coup against HONOURABLE Ribadu by the enemies of the country.

49 years of independence and 10 years of uninterrupted democracy, Nigeria has no uninterrupted electricity supply, no treated pipe borne water supply, education institutions now rest with the private sector with the poor priced out of this essential public service.

Hospitals and healthcare services are equally run down while those privileged through corrupt practices and public resources take treatment abroad. The government hospitals are badly managed by people with no training and development for the job role or management qualification for the sector.

Nigeria political leadership is a democracy of ÔÇścut and nail' where people with no quality and credibility or a sense of national integrity occupies important offices and subscribes to the dictates of international governments and multinational corporations at the detriment of Nigeria.

So far it has been 10 years of buying and awarding titles to thieves and chiefs, honouring of dishonoured, suffering and smiling, waging wars against fellow citizens for their cry for justice and emancipation from mental slavery. It has been 49 years of dependency on foreign aids granted from our own money freely deposited in the foreign banks. Ten years of failure of our refineries to work and dependency on importation of petrol, electricity generators, etc.

Everyday including today is a day for Nigerians to weep for their lost opportunities and seize the moment to challenge anyone who is idiot enough to tell them that there is improvement especially in the last two years.

UK democracy is presently undergoing challenges for misuse of public money. No rules have been broken, but members of parliament are standing down from contesting elections, while others are resigning from ministerial positions. Police are considering actions to take and the judiciary is waiting for when they will be called upon to decide the matter if brought to them. There is no cronies and ÔÇśespirit de ÔÇświg''

Democracy requires capability and credibility because of the challenges of diplomacy both locally and internationally. In the history of Nigeria, especially in the last ten years, we have people that parade academic qualifications, sometimes not worth the value of paper they are written on who have no iota of practical experience for work processes and decision making that would respond to short, immediate and long term needs of the general population and country.

In 10 years of democracy, the only people we have noticed are few governors; Donald Duke of Cross River State and Fashola of Lagos State. We have also seen the work of Nuhu Ribadu and his punishment as a reward for commitment to hardwork. We are waiting to understand the full details of the arrest and prosecution of Ndudi Elumelu, whether it is for what he tried to unravel about contracts for electricity or for any personal errors of judgment in his handling of the probe.

Democracy is not meant to be a game for self centred persons, run on the line of banditry, party dependent prostitution and accelerated criminals from cultist colleges. It should not be for all naughty professional personalities and others that fits the description of brainless mosquitoes with proboscis for sucking the nation dead.

Ten years is gone almost wasted, but by our efforts we can pull together to ensure people with the right credentials and intentions for political responsibilities drive our democracy train into the future.  God have given us the grace, just like he gave to the western countries, China, India, Brazil, Israel, Iran etc. It is time we become creative in national development and empowerment of our own citizens and using public money for serving and meeting the needs and demands of the public.

Politicians should serve the people they represent, who ideally should be the ones that elect them to serve and never the other way round. I do not want to worship the person who should be answerable to my people and I. they deserve to be paid well but have no right to decide their own pay against the run of inflation or a freedom to spend our money for anything that is not for the benefit of the community and country.

Living in United Kingdom is good but the experience here of how efficient a system work makes me weep for my birth country ÔÇô Nigeria. Home I will come and my people and nation I will one day serve without fear for my life or who my development approach might hurt. This is a desire of many Nigerians abroad with massive work and career experience to deliver goals for the country. There are plants and weeds in every farm, but selection would bring out the plants from the weeds and would help to establish resourcefulness from wastefulness both in job employment and election of politicians. Politics should not be a game of who pays the piper; otherwise Barack Obama would not be the President of the most powerful nation in the world, - the USA.

We must stop pricing, selling and buying peoples' conscience. We must stop the killing and intimidation that ushers in the people with no care about human life. If enough is not enough after ten years, and Umaru Musa Yar'adua starts listening to the voice of the majority so as to leave legacy of sweet memory, then it is no use talking about our democracy and the future. 

I raise my voice to support Emma Ezeazu and movement he is championing in support of the full implementation of Justice Uwais Report for electoral reform.

David Eboh

United Kingdom

Direct comment or response should be sent to: davideboh@aol.com


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