On the front cover of Tribune, 13 November, 2007, former President Olusegun Obasanjo was pictured  cutting the tape to declare open the Precious Cornerstone University at the Garden of Victory, Old Ife Road, Ibadan. With him are the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, his wife, Folu, and Bishop Wale Oke, President, The Sword of the Spirit Ministries.

Shortly after, Obasanjo proceeded to Lamidi Adedibu's house to decare him "the father of PDP". The blessing received from Pastor Adeboye, must have trickled down from Obasanjo to Adedibu, and on to his god-son Alao-Akala and to the thugs that eat from the crumbs, I hear from his very generous tables ÔÇô giving them more strength to attack NAFDAC officials in their lawful duty of saving the Ibadan indigenes from death and fake drugs.

In another episode, as reported by the SUN Newspaper, Tuesday November 13, 2007. Pastor Tunde Bakare, of the Later Rain Assembly was quoted as saying that he would only forgive Obasanjo if he returns his loot; "For us to forgive anybody, the founder of the Latter Rain Assembly told Saturday Sun, we have to confirm that he did not steal anything that belongs to you and I. And if he did, he has to return whatever he stole before we can talk about forgiveness" he said.

The naive would presume that God speaks to both Pastor Adebayo and Tunde Bakare for both men claim to be men of God. But if God gives them contradictory messages then he is a God of disorder not of peace.  My God has definitely not spoken to any of them, "For God is not a God of disorder but of peace". - I Corinthians 14:33.

Meanwhile, I just got wondering whether it was this same Bakare that prophesied that Obasanjo would die before being sworn in as the president in 1999. When his prophesy failed he claimed it was his prayers that saved Obasanjo!

That religious leaders indulge in spiritual fornication with political leaders have always been a historical fact, the Nigerian pastors are taking the phenomenon to unprecedented height. The orthodox religious leaders go to great lengths to court the patronage of politicians and big men, but they always manage to attach some dignity to their antics, couched under the veneer of public good, but not so today's so called pastors.

Pastors should mean fathers of the flock and not fleecing of the flock ÔÇô ten percenters and tithe collectors ÔÇô and definitely should not be spiritual prostitutes ÔÇô oholah and oholibah; Committing spiritual adultery with political leaders and business merchants for money and influence.

Because of the poor economic condition in Nigeria, many pastors today have deviated from the gospel as it was at the beginning. They have to fight for survival. Secondly, because of the large number of churches, pastors have to devise enthralling strategies to win flocks, religion have been decentralised and very competitive, so pastors have to be very ingenious. They remove what God wants man to do in their gospels and preach only what God would do for them. Their message is prosperity, not poverty, flamboyance rather than modesty, indulgence and never chastity. What they sing to cover what they do is ÔÇśMe I no go suffer, I no go beg for food. God of miracle na my papa oÔÇŽ' Is such song not an insult to God? They go for broke to attract the big men; they water down the gospel in order to please their benefactors. They tell the big men what they want to hear and not the truth. They offer soothing balms to gloss over their iniquities.

Preachers should not go against their precepts, but these men go against what they teach. Hypocrites, they bear big names; ÔÇśreverend, evangelist, apostle, primate, overseer' and so on while the Christ says religious leaders should be called "servants". They gather people and calculate their numbers. They buy costly cars and travel overseas. Did Christ do those things?  The Bible says, ÔÇśthe Birds have their nests and Dogs have their dens but the son of man have nowhere to lay down his head'.  The Christ came to suffer, and they are now singing "Me I no go suffer," Is that the way of Christ. Is that the way of that lowly, modest, humble man that trudged the town of Galilee and villages of Palestine barefooted, preaching repentance? Blatant advertising and attention seeking that we observe among the pastors of today, is that the way of that righteous man that the scriptures said "would not raise his voice in the village square"?

The scripture aptly says concerning them, "These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far removed from, they turn aside the commandments of God and teach their human ideas as doctrines". Their form of religion is a snare and a racket. Their prescriptions are not eye salves and their teachings are wormwood; the gate to hell rather than the highway to heaven.

Karl Marx must have the naïve and feeble minded Nigerian in mind when he termed religion "the opium of the masses"!


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