Adamu Ciroma fits perfectly into an undercover profile of someone above par. He is an elite that sees himself as a royal Fulani and elder statesman no one would associate with terrorizing the helpless in a civilized society. But the real profile of the most devastating international terrorists is hidden under the same cloak of either a member of the upper class or of the highest religious saints that would never be suspected of abusing children.


He was one of the illustrious evils that openly promised fire, hell and brimstone if Ebele became the President. Voila, he did and Boko Haram broke deadlier. Not only did Ebele admit that he was caught off guard and destabilized by Boko Haram, their victims had known that helplessly. Yet, the sponsors of Boko Haram are daring anyone to come after them. No matter how you try you cannot appease those whose only goal is that you fail.

Each time Nigerians cry about a disaster, the following disaster turns the previous ones into child-play. We are told that we have to fight for security before corruption. The fact is corruption is the root of our insecurity. It is now a game of chicken or the egg. Rulers by tulasi created insecurity for corruption to flourish. They are burning down the whole Country, starting from the North where women and children are losing their lives.

Security of life and property, religion or corruption has been merged into one and the same act. Anyone trying to fool us that one has to be solved before Ebele and his team could deal with the others is either fooling himself or does not know what he is talking about. If the strategy is to demonstrate that the Government cannot be destabilized or moved by threat of terror, the potential victims do not see chaos as a normal way of life.

The Northern part of the Country has been paralyzed with fear and surprise attacks in churches and mosques. Army and Police officers have been targeted apart from civilian women and children, yet nobody has detained Ciroma for questioning. If perpetrators of these deadly acts know that they are untouchable elites, those that admire them would not be deterred from following the footsteps of their mentors. Ebele is still infiltrated?

So far this old man that looks like death itself is still walking freely in Nigeria. General Aziza wanted some of these highly placed individual interrogated including former head of state General Buhari. As far as we know, Ebele chickened out. Each time they tell us there is no sacred cow, we know there are many. It is true that one has to get reliable intelligence before you interrogate a head of state. Briefings got from UN, US or who?

It makes us wonder if Abacha had more intelligence on Obasanjo than Ebele has on Ciroma. The public had information that Babangida has terrorists in every military organization in Nigeria and actually sent his boys to terrorist schools in Libya where Boko Haram and MEND trained together. This is public information available on the internet. If you cannot believe everything on the internet, it is a valuable source.

The domestic terrorist attack in Oslo Norway by Anders Breivik that killed 92 children because he wanted to save Europe from multiculturalism and that of Timothy McVey that had a beef against US Government, and so bombed building in Oklahoma City. Did those horrify us as Boko?. What they have in common with Ciroma’s boast, is the deadly planning without being suspected along the way because of their privileged status.

Lately, IBB and OBJ have offered to come to Ebele’s rescue but of course at a price, of a pound of flesh. These two men have plunged Nigeria into chaos for about twenty years and they are still waiting for President Ebele to ask them before they tell us what they know. In many societies that are going through half of what Nigeria is going through in the Northern part of the Country, it would be seditious to suppress such information.

No matter what you think about how well the President is functioning, there are people working day and night to give him a bad name so that they can hang him like a dog. If their motive is to throw him out of office before his time, they have Pastor Bakare to predict it. The irony is that the intelligence unit is more willing to interrogate a preacher on the pulpit that predicted OBJ was going to die in 1999, than confront who inspired it.

We have to wonder if President Ebele is appeasing the real culprits of gloom and doom in Nigeria knowing that no matter what he does, they want him out. These are the same people that asked for the resignation of his security chief and got it. They must have been inadvertently reinvigorated with a signal to others not to mess with them. He must learn that his adversaries will never wish him well; they made him honorary Boko Haram member.

The fear is Ebele may be digging his own grave by surrounding himself with those he thinks are the real shakers and movers of the Country, for peace’s sake. If Abacha could dare them by removing Dansuki, Obasajo could retire and dare them by tearing up some agreement on strategic positions in his cabinet, Ebele with Aziza can call off their bluff. You will never please a bully by sucking up to them, you confront them head-on.

All the cries of Ijaw about conspiracy to impeach, like those before him, or weaken Ebele can only work for lack of sustainable strategies to move Nigeria towards its potentials. If the people he leads see accountability, progress and changes in their individual lives as a result of what he puts in place, Ebele will remain the President. But so far, he has not lived up to what was expected of him as a thinker with a unique qualification.

This is not about his PhD, but about the thinking faculty he used to earn what everyone does not accomplish. Education is the one that structures our mind. If it is not applied to solve daily pragmatic problems, it becomes useless. Actually, Nigerians will use it against you. Even those without common sense claim education is not common sense. If they had common sense, they would seek education. Ebele did and must be decisive.


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