Christianity Has Turned Ndigbo To Cowards/

The Christian-dominated Igbo-land has been preaching in all spheres of the media, saying, “Vengeance is of God”. This is sequel to the ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo in the Ukpabi, Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State, on April 25 2016, by the Fulani ethnic group.

It has been erroneously said to be Fulani herdsmen that carried out the attack. The true word is that Fulani people carried out a war against the Igbo. The bone of contention here is that our people have become cowards in the name of Christianity.

Those in this line of jaundiced statement want one Jehovah or is it Yahweh, to go and face the Fulani people. They forgot that the Jehovah they so much rely on did not save the followers who were murdered in torrents by the crazy Islamic group called Boko Haram, even while worshipping and praying to the Jehovah, in the house built for him.

Many Igbo people have been murdered in that direction and all that was left of them was, “God knows everything; and he said we should give him praise both in bad and in good times”. Hooey! They will not fight back, where they think that dying is an abomination, where they think that they love the Jehovah so much, but will not want to meet with him.

The Igbo spirit of today that is being hypnotized by Christianity was not the spirit of the Igbo fathers, who were ever ready bold and ready to die for a just cause, inlure of waiting for a Jehovah to fight for them.

It was that crass spirit of waiting for Yahweh to go for fight that compelled the Enugu State governor to shed tears like an imbecile and mouthed that Ndigbo should embark on prayer and fasting, when the dastardly act had been committed by the mindless Fulani tribe and its Hausa co-killers, who do not care for human life.

The irony is that these tribes never wait for their Allah to go and fight for them when they feel provoked, but the Igbo will sheepishly do. It is most idiotic to ask a people who are grieving to go into fasting and prayer, especially the Igbo who are a nation of their own that were invaded by marauders from far away north.

This is exactly how the Arabic-Fulanis through their war-teacher called Usman dan Fodio carried out an Islamic war against the Hausas; and in any Hausa land that was conquered, an Emir would be installed. Except for the Middle-Belt that fought that war-monger called Usman dan Fodio seriously and never allowed him and his co-Fulani killers to cross, Ndigbo would have been conquered and Islam introduced in the land.

The Middle-Belt people did not wait for Jehovah or whoever to go for war for them, they engaged in the war and victory later became theirs. And going through some Bible verses, one wonders if Ndigbo really read the Bible (although not important); the stereotyped Christianity they have come to swallow in whole without thinking has made them cowards.

They forgot that vengeance is not of any Jehovah; that even the Jesus they have come to believe in so much also asked men to safeguard themselves and their property. The Bible said, "Or what king, going out to wage war against another king, will not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to oppose the one who comes against him with twenty thousand?" (Lk. 14:31). Jesus also said, "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his castle, his property is safe" (Lk. 11:21).

There is no justification for Ndigbo to run away from fighting back those that want them extirpated, all in the name of Christianity. The above quotations have shown that the Jesus, even though was of non-violence mission, never asked Ndigbo to be cowards. The Fulanis came and killed Ndigbo in Enugu like a thief the Jesus said that he would come like. "I will come as a thief in the night," (Rev. 3:3).

There is no amount of Bible quotations that will douse what is intended to be said here. One does not understand why Ndigbo should be shrugging in the face of targeted wiping-out of the Igbo generation by the Fulani/Hausa tribes. Even the Jehovah was not quiet in a situation like what the Fulani did in Enugu.    

In his “The Holy Bible describes the Christian God as Satan”, Naiwu Osahon, renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement, writes the following:

"God the perfect being, did all of the following: He created evil (Lam. 3: 38, Jer. 26: 3, Ezek. 20: 25 – 26, Judges 9: 3, 1, Sam. 16: 23, 18: 10); He deceived (Jer. 4: 10, 15: 18, 20: 7, 2, Chron 18: 22, Ezek. 14: 9, 2Thess. 2: 9 – 12); He told people to lie (Ex. 3: 18, 1Sam. 16: 2); He lied (Gen. 2: 17, 2Sam. 7: 13); He rewarded liars (Ex. 1: 15 – 20); He ordered men to become drunken (Jer. 25: 27); He rewarded the f**l and the transgressor (Prov. 26: 10); He mingled a perverse spirit (Isa. 19: 14); He spread dung on people's faces (Mal.2: 3); He ordered stealing (Ezek. 39: 10, Ex 3: 22); He made false prophesies (Jonah 3: 4, Gen. 5: 10); He changed his mind (Jonah 3: 10); He caused adultery (2 Sam. 12: 11 – 12); He ordered the taking of a harlot (Hosea 1: 2, 3:1 – 2);

"He killed (Num. 16: 35, 21: 6, Deut. 32: 39, 1Sam. 2: 26, Psalm 135: 10); He ordered killing (Lev. 26: 7 – 8, Num. 25: 4 – 5); He had a temper (Deut. 13: 17, Judges 3: 8); He was often jealous (Deut. 5: 9,6: 15); He wasn't omnipresent (Gen. 4: 16, 11: 5, 1Kings 19: 11 – 12); He wasn't omniscient (Deut. 8: 2, 13: 3, 2Chron. 32: 31); He often repented ( Ex. 4: 22 – 23, Joshua 22: 20, Rom. 5: 12); He played favourites ( Deut. 7: 6, 14: 2, 1Sam. 12: 22); He sanctioned slavery ( Ex. 21: 20 – 21, Deut. 15: 17); He degraded deformed people (Lev. 21: 16 – 23).

"He punished a basta*d for being illegitimate (Deut. 23: 2); He punished many for the acts of one (Gen. 3: 16, 20: 18); He punished children for the sins of their fathers (Ex. 12: 29, 20: 5, Deut. 5: 9); He prevented people from hearing his word (Isa. 6: 10, John 12: 39 – 40). He supported human sacrifice (Ex. 22: 29 – 30, Ezek. 20: 26); He ordered cannibalism (Lev. 26: 29, Jer. 19: 9); He demanded virgins as a part of war plunders (Num. 31: 31 – 36); He ordered gambling (Joshua 14: 2, Num. 26: 52, 55 – 56); He ordered horses to be hamstrung (Joshua 11: 6). He sanctioned violation of the enemy's women (Deut 21: 10 – 14); He excused the beating of slaves to death (Ex. 21: 20 – 21); He required a woman to marry her rapist (Deut. 22: 28: 29); He taught war (Psalm 144: 1); He ordered the burning of human faeces to cook food (Ezek. 21: 3 – 5); He intentionally issued bad laws (Ezek. 20: 25); He excused the sins of prost*t*tes and adulterers (Hosea 4: 14); He excused a murderer and promised his protection (Gen. 4: 8 – 15); He killed a man who refused to impregnate his widowed sister-in-law (Gen. 38: 9 – 10); and He is indecisive ( Gen. 18: 17)...”

So, if the Jehovah knew about battle, Ndigbo should not be afraid of battle. No Jehovah or Jesus is coming to fight the battle. Ndigbo were not cowards to allow their sense of duty be overcome by fear all in the name of Christianity. Most times, war is the test of manhood. If Ndigbo should continue to flee when the marauders attack, death will continue to follow us behind. Ndigbo should not give up when attacked. That’s not the spirit. Forgiveness can only come if the enemies are revenged. No Jehovah will do this for Ndigbo.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Rivers State based Poet, Writer, Media Consultant and Winner Digital Category, Nordica Media Merit Awards 2016. Tel: +2348057778358. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.