Chibok girls: Because we are not our selves

Names calling and apportioning blames have taken the central stage over the ugly event that took place in Chibok. Suddenly, a small agrarian community in Borno state has become famous in global psyche. Every now and then, we see and hear protests across the globe over the abducted secondary school girls in Chibok.

The Circus like protests against this abduction, speak volume about our insensitive to the plights of others, it only points to the facts that we enjoyed showmanship. These girls, unfortunate as their case maybe right now, were actually let down by our society long before their abduction. Now the world is showing concern; hypocrisy of the highest order.

Nigerian celebs and activists who took to the streets in protests over this abduction are the greatest hypocrites. They are matching on our streets and creating false impression of solidarity with the plights of these girls. All these are media hype.

These celebs are the epitome of immorality.  They are bad role models to our youngsters. These guys display semi-nude pictures, brandishing money and customized cars on several social media. How can these persons take a genuine stand on moral issues?

Is obvious the ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ activists are looking for pictures to show foreign donors, in order to authenticate their so called struggle for the emancipation of the girl-child in Nigeria. Is all about what they can make from these girls’ plights. They don’t care about their fates.

Once again the fates of these Chibok girls, bring to the public domain, our long silence on the maltreatment of the girl-child in our society.  Long before this abduction, a numbers of our girls have had their tender bodies sexual brutalized by men. Sometimes these men are people they trusted; family members, benefactors, and even mentors.

Our girls are fast becoming articles of trade. Fathers giving out their daughters to men they do not love. Mothers forcing their daughter to have sexual relationship for material gains. Communities sponsoring their young girls abroad for prostitution.  These evils against our girls, is known to all and sundry. Yet we buried our head like ostrich and look the other way.

Pedophiles like Senator Sani Yerima have used cultural and religious sentiments to perpetuate evil on the girl-child. How many times, did Senator Yerima married under-aged teenagers, and we all look the other side. Where were these Non-Governmental Organizations? Today, nobody bothered to find out the fates that have befallen these innocent girls, Sani Yerima used and dumped.

Nigerians must admit that our girls are becoming endangered; their dreams are constantly cut short by Pedophiles in our midst. Their greedy parents and guardians are also using them as economy bargains, just to make ends meet, in an economy that only Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is proud of.

Chibok girls are humans; we don’t need an oracle to know they are not in a comfort zone right now. They must be rescue fast. Boko Haram have touched the very soul of our nation by their abduction.  It’s disheartened to note that Boko Haram members have easy access to arms and ammunitions; the big question is who are their suppliers? And what do they stand to gain from all this?

It’s time we all face the hard truth; Sani Yerima’s actions and inactions brought the menace called Boko Haram to our national psyche. He brought religion to statecraft, by introducing sharia in Zamfara state. The nation must hold him responsible and accountable for what is today Boko Haram.

For those nauseating our collective mentality in the name of protests for the quick return of the abducted Chibok girls, I think their protests will make more meaning if they call for the recall of Senator Sani Yerima from the senate.

Sani Yerima’s sins are many. By bringing religion into politics and defiling minors in the name of marriage, this man is not fit to hold any public office in Nigeria. The likes of Oby ezekwesili, who have suddenly become activists for the protection of the girl-child should be brave enough to lead a protest match to the senate and demand the recall of Senator Sani Yerima.

We need to sit up and think right. The incident in Chibok is the last straw. Our country must stop these abuses on the girl-child. The time for genuine actions is now. Our laws must be potent enough to safeguard them, and stop the excesses of men like Senator Sani Yerima against them.

The Chibok Girls need our collective prayers and Nigerian military might to bring them back home. They have endured more than a month of emotional, psychological and physical torture in the hands of their wicked captors.  Their only offence was that they seek education. The world must rescue them; we cannot afford to let them down.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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