Buhari Vs Jonathan : A Lesson For Tomorrow

Any attempt to abrogate or exert contrary influence of the choices made by nigerians in the upcoming elections will only ensure that Nigeria goes into full-spectrum total destruction mode. For the first time since imperial Britain withdrew it's military and it's administrators, Nigeria teeters on the verge of being formerly occupied militarily by foreign forces: What we face is nothing less than a 'Scramble for Nigeria'. A scramble during which French, Chinese, and USAmericans will negotiate with each other over the carcass (by ones means or another) for spheres of interest. 

All this thanks to the unprecedented levels of highly visible incompetence exhibited by the Jonathan regime. Now, entities that would have never entertained the thought are now openly speaking of coming into Nigeria and taking on the duties of a government. And of course since no good deed is done for free, it can be expected that once they start doing what Jonathan's government has proved itself to be incapable of doing, they will expect to collect from nigerians the regard and benefits that are due to rulers.     

I am addressing this to those who, in spite of knowing that Jonathan is not fit to lead, say they do not want Buhari to replace him.  What they are searching for now - i.e. the prospect of having an acceptable and viable alternative to Buhari or Jonathan - is a search that should have commenced right from when it became clear some years ago that Goodluck Jonathan was not up to the job. 

The old saying that politics is too important to be left to politicians has never been more true. After the elections of 2011, nigerians generally lost interest in active politics. With the exception of scattered incidents of appeals against election results, defections, etc. nigerians did not expend too much effort in considerations about the identities and pedigrees of the individuals who may be best suited to replace incumbents. 

The dramas and comedies that followed the removal of fuel subsidy on January 1 2012 should have served as the starter's gun for all who know that Jonathan is not capable of navigating the ship of state away from the deadly shoals that it has been floundering in. At the latest, by the end of 2012, preparations for this year's elections should have commenced - all who know that the present crop of politicians are far from the ideal should have started looking at alternatives years ago. 

Had this been done, nigeria will not today be in the position where strictly speaking, the only viable options are ones who are some distance from the ideal (with variations).

Compromise is not only sometimes neccesary, it is always ever present where the needs created by different perspectives must coexist. This being so, what wise people endeavour to do is ensure that the class of options placed before them by the neccesity of compromise are not the sort that can be described as choosing between eating shit, eating grass, or eating glass.  

And yet, any attempt to reset by postponing the elections and/or bringing in a 'government of national unity' in the interim (until a crop of aspirants that will be acceptable to all sectors can be brought forth) will only hasten/ensure the catastrophic ending of the nigeria experiment. 

This elections must go ahead and, Jonathan and his party (the PDP) must be evicted from the thrones that they presently bestride with the insouciant incompetence of those employees-from-hell who were once wayward adolescents from overly-indulgent homes where no training was given or accepted. 

In talking about the prospect of Buhari taking office, some use the analogy of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. What they conveniently ignore is the fact that nigeria has already jumped from the frying pan into the fire. It did so when Obasanjo's clumsy attempt to run for third term was frustrated. Yes, continuums are real and they exist in all spheres of human activities. Therefore, the options before us now are that we stay in the fire or, that we start finding a way out of the fire. 

To allow Jonathan to continue...I will not say "to allow him to have another four years" because, if by some mad-made miracle he retains his office, it is not likely that he will last four years ...
To allow Jonathan to continue is tantamount to electing to stay in the fire...and unless one is fireproof, staying too long in fire can only conclude in one way.

So, at this point in time, due to historical tides and to our inability to start swimming towards safer havens when we should have, we need Buhari. We need the APC. We need to start walking out of the fire...even if it is only a couple of steps in right direction, this will still better than writhing in agony while standing still in the middle of it without a clue or the will to find safety.

But most importantly, we need to take the lesson of this time to heart: We must never again be in such a position. Which means that we start from February 16 2015 to actively explore what type of government we want to take office on May 29 2019. If the political parties that exist now are not suited for (or refuse to become) what we know to be the ideal, then we must create a party that serves this purpose. We must start now so that come January 2019, we do not find ourselves back where we are today. 

And we start with clear and concise statements of goals that are non-negotiable...