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"I Am Alive And Well" ÔÇô Yar"Adua Speaks
The Times of Nigeria can confirm beyond reasonable doubt that Governor Umar Musa Yar'Adua is well and alive and his medical condition was exaggerated by the media including ours. We Spoke with him in Germany. In a brief interview with Yar'Adua in a Germam hospital, he told Sunny Ofili, editor and Publisher of The Times of Nigeria a few minutes ago that "I am feeling better. It was a precautionary decision. The doctors here have found out that I am fine. I would have returned tomorrow but for a little cold that I have."

Yar'Adua continued "I am still in the race and will be back probably by the weekend to continue my campaign."

"I had a profile but no serious condition was discovered. It was a false alarm." He said.

The Presidential candidate though spoke in his characteristic soft tone, he sounded strong over the phone.

"Tell Nigerians that I am doing well. It was a situation where I did not have enough time to rest. All I needed was some rest." He concluded.



UPDATE:  Businessdayonline website has retracted its earlier announcment that PDP candidate died in Germany citing a PDP spokesman who indicated today that the Katsina governor is "hale and heart" . The FG is yet to confirm if the governor is alive or dead.  


The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Governor of Katsina state is critically ill and has been evacuated to Germany for medical attention. The news was first reported a few hours ago by The Times of Nigeria can now confirm the report.

A high ranking government official in Abuja confirmed this development to The Times of Nigeria few minutes ago.
Another government source told The Times of Nigeria that the Presidential aspirant "collapsed a few hours ago and has been flown abroad for treatment."

The source said it is "very likely he was flown to Germany."
The Presidency and inner caucus of the ruling party are said to be in an emergency meeting on how to handle the situation.


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