Bauchi: The Gang Up Against Governor M.A. Abubakar/

The problem of Governor MA Abubakar of Bauchi State started barely a year after he entered office. The whole of the political elites in Bauchi State, the senators, Minister Adamu Adamu, the leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and elders, had problem with the governor. Governor MA Abubakar wants to govern Bauchi his own way without much interference or no interference. Within a year he was isolated politically. All the political elites quietly withdrew and stood by watching. When his deputy, Mr. Nuhu Gidado resigned in May, 2018, sighting waning zeal as it related to his official engagements, it was clear that Governor MA Abubakar’s problems has gone beyond no repairs. He made no efforts to fix things.

One of the stories around that played a role in deciding this gubernatorial election is the rumor that the governor is an Ibira man from Kogi State and not from Bauchi state. This rumour was taken lightly. The governor’s people never bothered to look at it. It is the same political elites that fueled and fired the rumour.

I live in Abuja and I live in an area where many local Fulani young men from Bauchi State come to work temporarily from year to year before going back home. Because of my interest in Bauchi politics, having lived in Bauchi State because my dad worked in Azare and Bauchi before retiring from the police, I always find time to discuss with these young Fulani men. And they tell me Governor MA Abubakar is an Ibira man and that when the time comes they would go home and ensure they vote him out. In the final analysis this played a big role in the election.

Governor MA Abubakar’s problem isn’t that he hasn’t done much. Of course if you want rate governors in Nigeria, you cannot say he is among the worse of them. His fight with the political class within the APC in Bauchi State is what has cost him the governorship of Bauchi State today. APC supporters are openly supporting the PDP candidate and this is because Governor MA Abubakar didn’t play his local politics according to how the All Progressive Congress leadership in the state want it.

Governor MA Abubakar’s problem is from within. And if he reflects on what he should have done differently today, he would come up with one answer, and that answer is one question. Would I have won if i had played along with the political class?