Asaba: The Sexual Predators' Paradise!

After my last article on Great Ogboru and his quest to become the Governor of Delta State last week I received a 'petition' from a reader, a man of God based in Delta State (names withheld). The Reverend gentleman explained himself away in an impeccable grammar detailing the sexual escapades of some 'big men' in government in the Delta state capital. In his words: "Mr. Okenwa, I decided to write you this day on account of an issue that has kept me wondering if Nigerian men 'of power and influence' has lost all moral scrupples!" Continuing he declared thus: "the idea is just to let them know that there is nothing hiden under the sun that will remain hidden forever!"

At first I was shocked by the grave revelation (more because of its scandalous religious dimension) but I summoned enough courage to scribble few lines back to him in response demanding more details and hard evidence including his identity to support his bizzare claims. A day later he fired back another email providing more details, photographs and his full particulars. From then on I came to terms with what he was trying to reveal.

On the question I put across to him on how and why he was 'involved' in this immorally repugnant amorous affair and how he was able to obtain such 'damaging' information about these men of power he simply told me that he was concerned about the influence these sexcapades were having on the children of the 'victim' since these sexual perverts never hid their acts from the children of the 'Jezebel'! Besides he swore that he had no 'interest' whatsoever other than to see these shameless men exposed.

The story goes like this: In the city of Asaba a certain obnoxious sex scandal involving two to three men working with the government and a woman from south-eastern Nigeria working in one of the ministries is developing into a nightmare for the woman's husband and her children! The woman in question (names withheld) was given a parcel of land as gift by the authorities and in the process she was about losing same when the 'good samaritans' came in and offered to help her out. Ever since then they have been using and abusing the married woman, visiting her at her matrimonial home, sometimes in the night in the presence of her children, taking her out to choice hotels and paying her flight tickets around the country and even beyond.

The husband based abroad (in America) is helpless and powerless in the face of this marital torture; he is quite aware of what was going on but resigns himself to fate as attempts to lay claim to his 'property' was met with verbal threats and acid-sprinkling intimidation. One does not know whether the glorified 'whore' is enjoying the executive 'favours' coming her way or dancing to the tune of some 'sexual blackmail' imposed by her tormentors. Or does her vulnerability as non-Deltan being exploited here for some sexual bliss by predators? Whatever the case might be it is in the woman's interest to stop playing 'Jezebel' unless she can prove that she is being 'raped' executively by those providing her some sort of mutual assistance in order to be able to keep her job or land allocation.

Mr Kingsley Olomukoro is the current Chief Protocol Officer (CPO) to the Governor of Delta State; he is Urhobo but his mother is from Igboland. As the CPO he was presented as a 'powerful' man who only places call across and hotel rooms are reserved for him for his nefarious activities in 5-star hotels in town like Orchid Hotel, Hotel Benizia, Nelrose Hotel, Asabana Hotels and Signature Suites. 'Sir' Kingsley is said to be a Knight of St. Lumumba, married with children but his major hobby is defiling other people's marriages! According to the petitioner the lady in question worked with Mr Olomukoro in the same office in the late nineties; the lady is legally married and Kingsley knows the husband too well! 'Sir' Kingsley, the kind Knight, helped the lady secure a piece of land and in the process of preserving the property 'took over' as the husband!

'Sir' Kingsley used his position to full advantage here: helping the lady with flight tickets within and outside Nigeria, making private and government cars available with driver(s) whenever 'madam' wanted to travel out of Asaba -- all on government account! You can now see why development is eluding Deltans and why accountability in governance in Nigeria in general is a day-dream!

The second culprit in this show of sexual shame in Asaba is one 'Hon'. Emeka Okonji who represents Oshimili South constituency in the Delta state House of Assembly. He is the chairman of Land, Survey and Urban Development committee. Emeka is also a Knight of the catholic church! He is married with children yet, his pre-occupation is to defile other people's marriages. He intimidated the woman's children with his 'MOPOL' orderly whenever anyone of them tried to raise any question! He visited the lady at night hours with his police orderly, and took her to a grand hotel. Emeka was a regular visitor to the estate where this lady lives with her kids. Again, he is 'helping' her keep her job and ensure that she does not lose her land!

Other names on the petition included: 'Hon'. Victor Ochei, a member of the Delta state house of assembly. He was said to be the guy incharge of the controversial independent power projects and is popularly known as 'Davnotch'. A christian too, he greatly fancies married women and 'helps' those vulnerable ones with a lot of favours -- contracts, money etc.

'Comrade' Macaulay Ovuozourie was said to be the Commissioner for Energy and had ever remained an important figure for his 'electoral values' since the Ibori days. A man with minimal education, according to the petitioner, he had mastered political thuggery as an art. He was a 'labour' leader in 1999 but later became an active member of Ibori government. Since then, he has been moved from one ministry to another. He has a knack for married women and 'helps' them too with favours and contracts. He had bought all manner of automobiles, including jeeps, for his married women friends! He is capable of mobilizing his 'boys' (thugs) at the snap of a finger! Any wonder Dr Uduaghan was recently 're-elected'?

The petitioner claimed there are many more of them including Tony Nwaka, Honourable Ochor Christopher Ochor etc. They were all presented as "men with libido problems". The name mentioned by the Pastor that baffled me most was that of RMD -- Richard Mofe-Damijo of the Nollywood fame! He is serving presently as Commissioner in Delta State (Culture and Tourism Ministry) and he was said to be involved in the 'sex grab' in Asaba as well since he is living in the city while his official wife, a broadcaster in AIT, is living and working in Lagos. I never knew RMD has re-married after the painful death of May Ellen-Ezekiel, his popular ex-wife, and I never knew he was made a Commissioner until the preacher of the gospel stunned me with the petition.

We have seen this phenomenon of 'sex grab' by the high and mighty, civilian and military, manifest itself on many ocassions: The late Bashorun MKO Abiola was accused and known to have 'taken' people's wives using the great fortune he possessed as a wooing weapon! Gen. Ibrahim Babangida was rumoured to have 'snatched' the late Mariam, his Delta-born wife, from the musician Bongos Ikwue! Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo would have to kick the bucket before we can accurately say how many wives he had and how many children he had fathered! While calling the shots despotically in Aso Rock OBJ was known to have 'fired' at every direction going for whatever he fancied that was of the opposite sex!

As President in America it was alleged during the 'Monicagate' that ex-President Clinton was busy 'enjoying' himself in the White House while speaking with the Russian President now Prime Minister Vladmir Putin on important international issue. Ms Monica Lewinsky was busy 'polishing' his 'third-leg pistol' as Clinton spoke! Yes, she was administering some oral sex on him as the call came in; one had wondered then what was playing in the head of the "post-modern President" as he took in the bliss while still discharging his great responsibility!

In the case of the resigned Governor of New York State in America, Mr Eliot Spitzer, few years ago, he was caught in a prostitution racket run by "Emperors Club VIP" in which he was alleged to have transported a 22-year old prostitute "Kristen" (Ashley Dupre) from NY to Washington DC. Known in the prostitution ring as "Client 9" Spitzer reportedly spent about $80,000 on prostitutes in a period of eight years! He told his aides that his use of prostitutes spanned eight months period and didn't involve campaign funds or public money. In Nigeria the opposite is the case!

The former Communist President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, was reported to have had 'tasted' the 'private parts' of thousands of women! The report indicated that Castro, in his prime and in power, used to 'service' sometimes three to four ladies in a day -- one for breakfast, one for lunch and another one for dinner! Before his health deteriorated leading to his relinquishing executive power few years ago to his younger brother Raul ex-President Castro, the die-hard Marxist, the irrepressible communist, the intrepid anti-American and anti-capitalism, must have exploited the sexual weaknesses of many women in Havana and elsewhere! You know 'comrades' can sometimes play 'games' with that special thing under the skirt of Eve!

Adultery is forbidden by the Supreme Being, the Owner of the Universe. In the Ten Commandments He authoritatively handed out to the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve sojourning in this planet-earth we know better it is a sin before Him for anybody to commit adultery. But today what are we witnessing? Men and women (especially politicians) taking pride and glory in taking over other people's wives because they are richer and more powerful! In Nigeria it appears the richer or more powerful one becomes the bigger the sexual lust and 'responsibility'!

Between sex and politics in Nigeria (like elsewhere) therefore there is always a perfect understanding as the one 'services' the other and the other (politics) kills, maims and commits all sorts of crime to be able to be in 'command' of the other. Without the existence of sex and its mundane pleasures politics would have probably been a better game played with decorum and fear of God in Nigeria. Alas men of power in Abuja and other states' capitals in Nigeria go to any lenght to 'procure' power with which sex is distributed and 'subdued'.

The 'Governor-elect' of the state of Delta (who has been rigged into power once again by the PDP rigging machinery) Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan must investigate the sexually-pervasive activities of these aforementioned men in executive and legislative power in Asaba. Whereas we all know that the embattled ex-Governor, James Onanefe Ibori, had effectively established a gangsters' 'republic' in Delta state, a predators' paradise in the city of Asaba, it is not unimportant to demand the legitimate authorities in the "Big Heart" to put in place measures that would abort the ultimate wrath of God, one akin to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah!

I hereby challenge the above-mentioned sexual predators in the Delta State capital to debunk the veracity of these abominable sexual escapades of theirs and I will not hesitate to publish more damaging details and their photographs in my possession. The main objective of this article is to name and shame them but also force them to change their immoral ways as there is a God in heaven watching over our various deeds and acts here on earth. They must be made to 'abandon' their evil ways and let go the wife of another man!

SOC Okenwa


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Asaba: The Sexual Predators' Paradise!
Sunny Chris Okenwa posted on 01-13-2011, 09:00:32 AM
Between sex and politics in Nigeria (like elsewhere) therefore there is always a perfect understanding as the one 'services' the other and the other (politics) kills, maims and commits all sorts of crime to be able to be in 'command' of the other.

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Re: Asaba: The Sexual Predators
TEchi posted on 01-13-2011, 16:05:37 PM
.How do we know that these women are not voluptuaries? A woman of moral cannot be forced to do anything she does not want. How did the reverend come about the pictures and other evidence if he was not one of them? How do we know he is not a disgruntled participant? There are so many questions popping up as I read your write-up about this issue that the sincerity of it is clouded.
Re: Asaba: The Sexual Predators
Dataa daluwa posted on 01-14-2011, 12:16:32 PM
This article is a silly hatchet Job designed to frame certain members of the society.

These are the types of articles that should be censored by the NVS not Nafata's articles.
Re: Asaba: The Sexual Predators
Enyi posted on 01-14-2011, 15:21:19 PM
I have some bones to pick with you.
In the first instance you referred to your source as a man of God. The question is- is he a God fearing man or a man fearing man? My understanding is that true men of God openingly condemn evil even if they have to pay for it with their lives as John the Baptist did. Why should he hide (names withheld) and expect you to report what lawyers call hear-say? I have a principle that I do not say in somebody's absence what I can not say in his/her presence.
Secondly, I hope you realize that what you have written may be libelous if incorrect. The onus is now on those mentioned in your write-up to seek legal redress if they believe that your write-up is malicious. If they fail to take any action, then we must accept your write-up as factual.
Thirdly, I do not believe that it is the business of the governor to pry into somebody's personal livestyle unless it is prejudicial to his/her official function. In this regard, it must be mentioned that Bill Clinton's problem started when he lied about the affair especially under oath.
Finally, it seems to me that there is a deliberate attempt to paint the lady in question as a victim. How do we know that she did not entice these men and indeed is enjoying the whole show? It is curious that the husband knows and appears incapable of taking action. This is indeed strange unless he also is gaining from the arrangement.
Re: Asaba: The Sexual Predators
Ozoodoo posted on 01-15-2011, 08:47:29 AM

Our village SAN, Senior Advocate of Naija.

You did not read the portion of the article where the "man of god" was said to have provided evidence????

But are the stories similar to those in this piece really strange in Nigeria. People are only "using what they have to get what they want" (apologies to one prominent female Benin born FRCN broadcaster, now late.)
Re: Asaba: The Sexual Predators
Enyi posted on 01-15-2011, 10:01:55 AM
What evidence did he provide? Photographs? Are you not aware that, in this digital age, photographs can be manipulated? You can virtually create non-existent scenes if you have the relevant software. If you doubt it visit a digital photographic outlay near you. Although I am not a lawyer, I doubt if any court of law will allow SCO present those images which he did not take and was not present when they were made. Finally, I hope we can discuss issues without mocking anybody.
Re: Asaba: The Sexual Predators
Ozoodoo posted on 01-15-2011, 13:00:53 PM

My post was not meant to mock. Sorry if it comes across as alleged.

The writer of the article must have had sufficient evidence before going ahead to produce this piece, a consideration he referenced in the article.
Re: Asaba: The Sexual Predators
Enyi posted on 01-15-2011, 13:38:36 PM
Please, accept my apologies if I misunderstood you. My objective was actually to advise SCO to exercise caution in publishing certain material. I am not sure if he knows the true source of the material he received. Why didn't the man of God write the piece or at least ask SCO to quote him? We could have rallied around him after that. He chose to stay in the background and if there is any litigation SCO will be left to carry the can alone. Of course as you rightly observed such activities (sex for assistance) is wide spread in Nigeria and it is nothing new.
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