Congratulations to all the merging parties for all their sacrifice, the grafting and hard work put in to pull the registration of APC through despite all the obstacles and "landmines" put before them, including the cat calls and ethno-religious blackmails and all similar tantrums thrown at them by by PDP agents.

A new dawn is born in Nigerian politics and I hope the opposition APC gird their loins and embrace the challenge before it; not least flushing out the garbage called PDP that has wasted "humongous" sums of hard cash, unprecedentedly earned in the last 14 years when oil prices have skyrocketed across the globe and Nigeria earned windfall dollars that has been totally wasted- Not even Electricity could they provide for Nigerians despite billions of dollars sunk into the Energy budget from one dumb PDP president to another in the last 15 years.

Incompetence, greed, corruption, cluelessness and brigandage has been the hallmark of the PDP in the last 14-15 years and no nation can survive if clueless vultures run their affairs any longer!  Nigeria's democracy is the most expensive in the world yet our minimum wage is only N18,000 ( about $110) a month and even at that paltry sum must Nigerians can't even get that- Now compare that to the waste at the Federal level, what the National Assembly( Legislooters) cart away every month, both legitimate (self awarded salaries and allowances)- surpassing those of UK and US lawmakers (combined- A Nigerian legislator takes home more than the equivalent wages of UK MP and a US Representative) and then the illegitimates- bribes, blackmail of ministerial appointees ("Bow and Go!) and not missing the "Fuel subsidy" scams of 2011- where from no where subsidies of N200Billion, went over N1Trillion without any cogent reason, as demand for fuel never increased in Nigeria- blackhole, suspected to have been used to support PDP rigging in 2011.

Nigerians are saying enough and they want to show it in deeds by kicking out the monstrous, evil PDP, so long as we get a near free and fair election in 2015. I do not agree with those claiming that "all the parties are the same!" and only a party made up of "saints-" (from where?) will  change Nigeria. Where are we getting the saints from? It is only existing Nigerians that can change Nigeria- not unborn saints or people from another planet or countries. It will take renegades and repentant members of even the ruling class who’s had enough the rot to change the system and I think that’s where APC foots the bill.

Any why the comparison, when only one party has been in charge for 14 years at the centre unchallenged yet proving a dismal failure.  You cannot have a single party running the show since the inception of this 4th republic ( since 1999), without interruption from any other party- PDP solo show) and say another party that has not been tested is the same! How can they all be the same when the other has not had a chance to even try? We can only compare them if the other party or parties have had a chance at the centre and, then and only then, can we fairly assess or compare their performance; for now its only a dismal PDP failure for 15 years and time to dump them.

Tony Ishiekwene

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