Anthony Okosun

The African Union was set up after the woeful failure of it's predecessor, the Organization of African Unity (OAU). The OAU was originally set up in 1963 as a political vehicle for the decolonization of all African peoples and a diplomatic instrument for the smooth transition of all newly liberated African nations from colonialism to political freedom, economic empowerment and the social re-discovery of all African nations and all Africans. Alas, these lofty dreams were not to be; as the Organization of African Unity soon deteriorated to a bacchanal circus of revelry and merry-making for sit tight African dictators, and political bandits. The afore described scenario, when viewed against the backdrop of the climate of disease, squalor, war, poverty, economic stagnation, infrastructural bareness and dilapidation; that is the lot of the African continent; created the desperate need for a new and improved pan African organization. This was the social environment that gave birth to the African Union.

The African Union with 53 member states came into being on July 9, 2002. The African Union had a mandate to stop all the wars raging in the African continent and to help eradicate hunger, disease and poverty in Africa. One of the most important goals of the African Union was the conduct of free and fair polls in every African nation. Unfortunately, the African Union, has today been reduced to a rendezvous for the dirtiest, most ignoble, most corrupt and most murderous African sit tight despots. The very leaders that the African Union, ought to have thrown out of power, to allow the cultivation and development of proper democracy in Africa; are now the very dudes, stomping and engaging in bravado, braggadocio and boondoggle in annual African Union organized, diplomatic orgies and political carnivals. Let's take a look at some of the names, who parade themselves as Africa's leaders. Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Muamar Gaddafi of Libya, Omar Bongo of Gabon and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. With a list like the one we have above; any wonder that Africa is not in a hurry to accept civilization and embrace development in any form whatsoever. Can these guys give what they do not have? These are congenitally hardwired slave drivers, tyrants and oppressors. The African Union is merely a body led by a band of planet earth's hardest totalitarians, political absolutists and harsh, mean and dictatorial autocrats. Nothing good can ever come from such persons. These folks only live to protect their iron grip on power and their people's commonwealth; at any cost and by any means whatsoever.

Half of the world's armed conflicts are raging in Africa and Africa's brutal leaders are not concerned. Their first concern is the preservation of their unholy dominance and reign over their people. The hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, disease and merciless dictatorship, that are now Africa's lot have attracted the attention of good persons the world over. Strangely enough, Africa's strongmen, who are ruling without the peoples popular mandate are not the least perturbed. A great fraction of Africa's population are allowed to go to their graves, prematurely, due to preventable death from infested water, malnutrition, cholera, ebola virus, HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia, typhoid fever and numerous other preventable diseases. These clowns who parade themselves as Africa's leaders, engage in their merry making and undue and insensitive feasting, annually, without the least shame and embarrassment.

The case of Robert Mugabe is a noxious and embarrassing example of the failure of the African Union. Robert Mugabe, has been in control of his country since Zimbabwe got her independence, from the erstwhile colonial master. Robert Mugabe has tenaciously held on to power, defying the international community and blaming Britain and the USA for the failure of his rulership. He lost an election to his rival Morgan Tsvangirai and dared the African Union to force him out of power. Robert Mugabe traveled to Egypt to engage in a revelry with other African sit tight rulers and publicly dared his dictator comrades to cast the first stone at him, if their hands are clean. No one dared cast a stone at him. Robert Mugabe, a sitting ruler, rallied his political supporters to beat, maim, rape and vandalize the bodies and properties of his political opponents and the supporters of his opponents. For the average African walking, working and toiling on the streets of Africa; the African Union is as hopeless as it is irrelevant. The outfit desperately needs a rebooting

In Africa today there are wars going on in the Congo, Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea just to name a few. In these places, women are being raped. Africans are forced to flee from their homes. Properties of innocent persons are looted and burnt down by arsonists and brigands in war ravaged zones and the Africa Union is weirdly helpless to rescue and redeem the situation. Of what use is a continental union that cannot be called upon to deliver the persons within it's area of political jurisdiction in times of crisis, wars, disease and famine? If the truth must be told, it's time to dismantle the African Union and rebuild the Union. It's time to expel sit tight despots from the African Union. It's time to create a union of core, duly elected and authentic African leaders devoid of the sit tight deviant despots. It's time to reboot the African Union, and give the real leaders the authority and mandate to intervene in crisis areas any where in Africa. It's time for true and democratically elected leaders in Africa to take more decisive steps to oust the sit tight rulers from power; to make way for popular democracy, progress and prosperity all over Africa.



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