That Nigeria is a failed state is no longer in doubt. However, a major fallout of the failure of the Nigerian state, that has been very largely ignored, is the organized and forced mass exodus of Nigerian girls and women to Western Europe, to labor without dignity in the Western European sex slave industry.

Many Nigerian mothers, wives, sisters and daughters have been lured, cajoled, forced and or deceptively recruited into the European sex slave industry, through promises of a prosperous, glamorous and dignified sojourn in Western Europe. These innocent, ignorant and naive Nigerian women and girls have almost always been subjected to the worst kind of humiliation, degradation and exploitation, on their arrival in Europe. This class of Nigerian girls and women, have unfortunately been looked down upon as greedy and wayward women of easy virtue, lacking in self discipline thereof, and deserving of no sympathy, understanding nor serious governmental rehabilitation.

A serious attempt to understand the dynamics predicating the introduction of these Nigerian women into the sex-tertainment and or sex-ploitation industry, in Europe, will reveal that these women really deserve major attention from the society in general and the Nigerian federal government in particular.

Pimps and their partners in crime, known as madams, usually lure innocent and unsuspecting Nigerian females to Europe, with promises of better, prosperous and glamorous existence in Europe. Usually, these ladies are not given any in-depth disclosure of the true nature of the sex slavery, that await them, on their arrival in Europe. Even where these ladies are aware that they would be working as sex workers, they usually have no idea of the degree of degradation, brutal sadism and ruthless sexual exploitation that await them on their arrival in Western Europe.

Stories have been told of some Nigerian sex workers in Italy, forcibly made to sleep with dogs. We have read stories of Nigerian sex workers hanging out in God forsaken neighborhoods in European countries, especially in Italy, at unholy hours of the night, and in the middle of nowhere. Many of these Nigerian women have been reported to have suffered serious bodily harm and in some cases, fatalities. The horrible lives of these women are usually glossed over with the flimsy coating of glamour and mirage wealth, usually exhibited by the few Nigerian ladies that return from Italy, after years of serious sexual servitude and untold sexual exploitation.

Many Nigerian girls are forced into the degrading and bestial sojourn by their greedy and ruthlessly unconcerned and unfeeling family members. The extreme poverty and ignorance that pervades the Nigerian country sides, have led many otherwise conscientious family elders to pressurize and unduly influence their young daughters to submit their bodies to the sex slave industry pimps and madams.

The victims of these sexual exploitation, usually do not live long enough to enjoy the money, if any, that they realize from selling their bodies to total strangers in far away lands. These girls and women, usually acquire serious sexually transmitted diseases, from their ignoble body humiliation that effectively ensure that they are not able to enjoy their God appointed life span on earth.

When the victims are transported to Europe, they are sold by the Nigerian pimps also known as trolleys, to the Europe based madams, usually Nigerians too. The madams ensure that the new arrivals are worn out by extreme sexual activities, to enable the madams recover and make a profits on the money spent on acquiring the sex slaves. By the time these girls finally finish paying off the madams, they would have become tragically and psychologically damaged. Their youth and innocence would have been lost forever. Indeed they usually have nobody to narrate their ordeals to. Their families are only interested in the monies and other goodies flowing in from Europe via their sex slave daughters.

Only very few of these girls have been reported to have successfully escaped the bondage of the sex slavers. The travel documents of the sex slaves are usually confiscated by the pimps or trolleys and handed over to the madams after the sex slaves are bought and paid for by the madams. This practice ensure that the sex slaves cannot readily walk away or escape. Many sex slaves who initially resisted the command of the madams to trade their bodies, are reportedly forced into prolong periods of humiliation, physical battering, emotional trauma, mental pain et al, until they become "good girls".

The question crying out very loudly for an answer, is how did our society descend so low, that Nigerian mothers, sisters, wives and daughters have been reduced to commercial sex objects, totally lacking in dignity thereof, in foreign lands ? Another question that begs for an answer is: What is the Nigeria government doing to stop this on-going, tragic and debasing sexual exploitation and degradation of Nigerian women ? What is the European Union and individual Western European nations doing to stop this unholy degradation of Nigerian women ?

It is generally well known, that Western Europe is the major destination of Nigerian sex slaves. Western Europe is the headquarters of the global sexual exploitation and sex slavery industries. The major suppliers of sex slaves are the poorest countries in the world. Eastern European countries and Nigeria are the major suppliers of sex slaves to Western Europe. Thus, poverty is a major factor, that helps the growth and sustenance of this evil sex slavery business.

The Nigerian government must endeavor to improve the life of Nigerians, by aggressively pursuing people oriented programs and policies; if the easy luring of Nigerian women and girls to European sex slavery markets is to be curtailed. Governments in Nigeria at every level, must pay attention to the development of infrastructure in their areas of influence to encourage entrepreneurs and investors to establish and develop businesses that would offer jobs to Nigerian youths. As they say, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. People want material security, financial insurance et al. Thus, when the government is unable to provide same, the citizens becomes easy targets for all sorts of evil minded crooks, seeking preys to exploit.

Governments at every level in Nigeria, must also directly introduce programs that would encourage the creativity of Nigerians. Soft and small loans usually go a long way to encourage people to pursue trades and crafts, in areas wherein they are either gifted or proficient. Where public employment opportunities are not available, self employment must be encouraged. The Nigerian federal government must also work in co-operation with Western European governments to discourage and wipe out this national embarrassment. Then again, the Nigerian government must first provide alternative avenues to Nigerian pimps, madams and sex slaves, to enable them enjoy decent and dignified livelihood, before embarking on the fight to stop the ugly and regrettable reality of the sexual enslavement of Nigerian girls and women in Western Europe. For as they say "Action speaks louder than words."



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Re: Nigerian Victims Of Sex Slavery In Western Europe
Dewdrops posted on 08-08-2010, 08:23:55 AM
What to do now???

Welcome to modern day slavery in Nigeria.
Blame the white man abi????

Then again, the Nigerian government must first provide alternative avenues to Nigerian pimps, madams and sex slaves, to enable them enjoy decent and dignified livelihood, before embarking on the fight to stop the ugly and regrettable reality of the sexual enslavement of Nigerian girls and women in Western Europe. For as they say \"Action speaks louder than words.\"

The Nigerian government is only interested in keeping it's emasculated citizens down-trodden.
If these women are rehabilitated, kidnappers are reformed, ritualists are eradcated, drug barons are eradicated....and so on and so forth.....the Nigerian government will really be in trouble as more of these reformed citizens would become more ascertive in the society. Do you think the Nigerian government wants any kind of socio-economic reforms???? That would be to it's disadvantage of course.

Remember.....all the Nigerian goverment can do is 'pray' as religion remains the opium for the oppressed.
Re: Nigerian Victims Of Sex Slavery In Western Europe
AISAGBON OMOGIADE posted on 08-10-2010, 18:48:49 PM
"Many Nigerian mothers, wives, sisters and daughters have been lured, cajoled, forced and or deceptively recruited into the European sex slave industry, through promises of a prosperous, glamorous and dignified sojourn in Western Europe."nullnull

nullThe above does nolonger represent the current reality
Re: Nigerian Victims Of Sex Slavery In Western Europe
Dahiru06 posted on 08-13-2010, 02:58:49 AM
It's a pity!
Aphrodite posted on 08-13-2010, 15:12:19 PM
Cajoled, lured, where? Lie! Even a 10 year old now knows about this trolley business. If you decide with your eyes wide open to sell land, borrow from the village loan shark, friends and family to send your pikin or sister or whatever to "the abroad", to go and sleep with oyinbo and she has to sleep with a dog or chicken alongside, it simply comes with the territory. Abeg make I hear word! Forced, lured and cajoled my ass!
Re: Nigerian Victims Of Sex Slavery In Western Europe
Lilly posted on 08-13-2010, 15:32:13 PM
people should take responsilbility for their actions please.
Re: Nigerian Victims Of Sex Slavery In Western Europe
Vade Mecum posted on 12-23-2010, 19:03:20 PM
Nigerian sex slave rescue from Mali 'fails'

By Caroline Duffield, BBC News, Nigeria

Nigerian women who have escaped say they were duped into the sex trade by middle men offering them jobs in shops and hair salons

A senior Nigerian official says plans to rescue thousands of victims of sex trafficking have failed.

Investigators went to Mali earlier this year and estimated that at least 20,000 Nigerian teenagers and women had been smuggled there and forced into prostitution.

A joint operation was then launched with Malian authorities to rescue the women.

But Nigerian officials say they have not had enough co-operation from Mali.

The authorities in Mali have refused to comment on the criticism.

Yemisi's story

"I feel like committing suicide when I remember," says Yemisi Ogoda about her journey which ended in Mali.

Traffickers use commercial buses to move people around West Africa She was handed to a gang who demanded she repay debts for her travel.

After being beaten and locked up without food for two days, the young Nigerian agreed to work as a prostitute to try to pay the debt.

"They said they would kill me if I did not do it. Nobody will know about it, they will just kill me there, no-one will know," she adds.

She fell pregnant, and was coerced into an abortion. The attempt failed, and, visibly pregnant, she was sold on to another gang, only managing to flee when she was left unsupervised to bathe.

Ms Ogoda survived by begging in the streets until she managed to contact her family.

'Trolley boys'

The network of migration routes that criss-cross West Africa are known to police as a "hot graveyard for migrants", because the number who die on the way is so great.

Continue reading the main story
Start Quote
What we want Mali to do is say: 'Nigeria, come! We will support you... to get the girls back.'"
End Quote
Arinze Orakwue

So-called "trolley-boys" - the trafficking middle-men - run "the relay race", passing their human cargo onwards, with promises of jobs in hairdressing and supermarkets.

The true nature of the "job" is revealed later.

After receiving reports of sexual slavery from aid workers and clergy, Nigerian officials went to Mali to investigate earlier this year.

They said were "nauseated" by what they had seen: Brothels with cubicles in which young Nigerian women, many in their mid-teens, serviced as many as 20 or 30 clients a night, in order to pay off debts incurred to the "trolley-men".

"It is clear it is not consensual," says Arinze Orakwue of Nigeria's National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (Naptip). "They have no freedom of movement. They are not allowed to go outside with you, or even to make a phone call."

Naptip's hard-hitting findings, published on 29 September, also warned of what officials described as "slave camps" in Mali's north - brothels in the gold-mining towns of Kayes and Mopti.

Photographs seen by the BBC reveal precise locations and buildings examined by the team.

'Foreign racket'

The findings were given to Malian police and Operation Timbuktu was launched.

"Operation Timbuktu will be executed with the Malian authorities, to free the girls and ensure their safe return to Nigeria," Simon Chuzi Egede, executive secretary of Naptip, said at the time.

Months later, nothing has happened, and the trafficked teenagers and women remain in the hands of criminal gangs in Mali.

"All of us have failed," says Mr Orakwue, an assistant director of intelligence and communications at Naptip.

"The first thing that is preventing their return is support from the Malian authorities," he says.

"What we want Mali to do is say: 'Nigeria, come! We will support you to strike, to engage in law enforcement action, to get the girls back.'"

Premises in Bamako identified as a brothel Naptip officials say that despite assurances of cooperation from Mali, attempts at communication with the Mali police are being ignored.

It is clear that Operation Timbuktu is beset by difficulties: A lack of French-speakers in Nigeria's police able to communicate with Malian officials, slow bureaucracies, and little political interest in the fate of the victims.

Officials say to make headway, they need wholehearted support from Mali.

"There is a perception that it is a Nigerian problem," says one officer. "These are Nigerian women, controlled by Nigerian gangs. So they see it as a foreign racket. But the customers are in Mali."

Mali is a signatory to the UN Palermo Protocol on people trafficking, as well as the UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime of 2000.

"Definitely, I want to see diplomatic pressure on Mali," insists Mr Orakwue. "It is an emergency."

Logistical issues

Naptip estimate the number of women trapped in Mali to be anywhere between 20,000 and 40,000. Other estimates - from local charities - suggest a lower figure, in the thousands.

Whatever the number, the idea of raiding brothels and mounting a large-scale repatriation of thousands of people across five West African countries poses serious logistical and financial difficulties for Naptip.

To get started, the agency will need wider support. Officers are impatient to begin work.

"We've got visuals, where these girls are located," says Mr Orakwue.

"And we're here, not doing anything about it," he says. "We're just sitting here, talking."
Re: Nigerian Victims Of Sex Slavery In Western Europe
First-lady posted on 12-23-2010, 19:16:15 PM
There are news stories where men beat up their blood sisters for not joining the wagon to Italy.
Stories of a nursing mother in Benin that left her babies to go and make money
Many of these people are not innocent victims
Most of them know exactly what nature of job they were going for
Very sad
Re: Nigerian Victims Of Sex Slavery In Western Europe
Vade Mecum posted on 03-29-2012, 13:37:17 PM
Girl-Child Prostitution

Last updated: 03/29/2012

PROSTITUTION or commercial sex is a trade that is as old as mankind because it dates back to even the Bible days. It is an activity in which people, especially the female gender engage in unholy canal excitement for money, against all known rules of social and moral acceptances.

BE that as it may, any act of physical activity involving two people, particularly the under- aged, in which they touch themselves, or engage in sexual intercourse; is, but an illegal act.

NATIONS the world over, have variously tried to eliminate this illegal commercial activity cum social malaise, but to no avail.

THE dangerous dimension which the illegal trade has taken in recent times, is the deceitful recruitment of under-aged into the illicit business. Concerned authorities are however worried about the after effects which will be taking, its toll on even generations yet unborn.

THE hue and cry about sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, HIV and AIDS and some other sexually deadly ailments is but like a reggae tune in the ears of many, feeling that it is a gimmick on the part of the Non-Governmental Organizations, the National Agency Against Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP) and other medical agencies; that have been campaigning for people to take care about their lives, especially in terms of their social behavior. Yet, the illicit trade has not abated.

COME to think of it, why would a mother who carried a-nine month pregnancy and suffered the pains of child-birth after labor, voluntarily allow their children, especially the girl child, to go into prostitution and commercial sex work?. The reasons are not far-fetched - such women are immoral and inhuman in the pursuit of wealth to the detriment of their daughters future.

NO doubt times are hard, especially in the face of the current global economic meltdown, but it shouldn't be to the extent that parents would begin to deceitfully jeopardize the health and future of their girl - child.

THE NIGERIAN OBSERVER at this point, urges all Nigerians, especially those of Edo State decent, to always try and explore genuine ways of survival rather than taking the short, but dangerous ways of money - making.

MORALLY, commercial sex job is wrong. Consequently, we should always embrace those institutions which have been put in place to encourage people to be self-reliant, like the various Skills Acquisition Centers established across the country, all the states and local government areas.

HAPPILY, more and more Non Governmental Organizations have now come to realize the evils in child labor, child-abuse, and above all, teenage commercial sex and they are not doing badly in trying to stop it, by creating local, national and international awareness against the international sex trade.

ALL these conscientiously and diligently observed, the already very battered image of the country consequent upon our notoriety in the teenage commercial sex work, would once again be redeemed.
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