As the results of the Nigerian presidential polls conducted on April 16, 2011 were being collated, it soon became obvious that incumbent candidate Goodluck Jonathan would coast home in a golden blaze of glory. This realization suddenly led to rioting in certain parts of Nigeria where the opposition Candidate, Muhammadu Buhari enjoys popular support. Nigerians have been inundated and deluged with stories of mass murder, arson, battery et al. The pertinent question begging for a sincere answer is: When will Nigerian loser politicians grow up and learn to accept defeat at the polls? The very elections that loser Nigerian politicians are rejecting and discrediting have been adjudged as free, fair and credible by local and international observers who are currently in Nigeria for the sole purpose of monitoring the elections. According to Al Jazeera "Following the election results, some Nigerians said the vote had been flawed. Despite those allegations, international observers described the poll as the fairest Nigeria has held in decades. John Kufuor, a former president of Ghana and the lead election observer from the African Union, told Al Jazeera that he was "taken aback" by reports of violence as he had observed the elections take place "credibly, peacefully and transparently". But hours before Jonathan was declared the winner on Monday, Buhari, who stood on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), told Al Jazeera he believed the election had been systemically rigged. "We have evidence in our hands that the computers [used in the voting process], were programmed to produce rigged results," he said."

Nigeria is one country where all the contestants in an election expect to win the election. Loser politicians would usually engage inflammatory statements to encourage their supporters to go on rampage. Even before the conduct of an election, discerning and dispassionate analysts can tell the final outcome of an election. Somehow, some folks will usually choose to be unreasonable and reckless in their reaction to the defeat of their candidates at the polls. You wonder why the average Nigerian politician cannot just be man enough to accept defeat; even where it's so glaring that by virtue of the inherent spinelessness of his candidacy, same politician was never really a serious contender for the coveted office. The above reproduced statement made by the former President of Ghana John Kufuor, who is an elections veteran and the follow up statement credited to candidate Buhari shows very clearly in a nutshell, the fairness thereof and credibility attached to Nigeria's April 16, 2011 presidential elections vis a vis the deliberate falsehood being perpetuated by Nigeria's loser politicians. Nigerian politicians are usually very bad losers. Imagine General Buhari, a supposed elder statesman and avowed religionist, descending so low as to make statements that can send his ignorant, impoverished and bitter followers, on a killing, arsonist and vandalistic orgy.

Some disappointed losers have issues with the very high percentage scored by candidate Jonathan in the South South and South East of Nigeria. Many Nigerias who are having problems accepting the very high percentage scoring of candidate Jonathan need to acquaint themselves with the results from Nigeria's South West and South East during the era of the UPN and NPP, when the loyalists of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe in the West and East respectively would vote for both men very massively. In 1979 both Zik and Awo won the South East and the South West respectively with extremely high numbers. Guess what? Even the NPN godfathers and foot soldiers did not doubt the numbers. Anything less would have raised the suspicion of rigging by the UPN supporters. In fact if you doubt me ask Akin Omoboriowo. Thing is: It would have been shocking for Awo not to win any of the LOOBO states with anything less than 90% Oh well, same applies to President Jonathan in the South South and in the South East in 2011.

The 2011 elections in Nigeria have been relatively free, fair and credible. The main opposition candidate Buhari scored fairly high numbers in the North East and North West and the incumbent candidate Jonathan scored very high numbers in the South East and South South. Even while losing the North Eastern and North Western states to Buhari, candidate Jonathan still managed to earn a respectable over 25 percent of the votes in almost every Northern state. Jonathan even won almost all the states in North Central Nigeria. Unfortunately for Candidate Buhari he could not score 25% in any of the states in the South South, South West nor South East. Even in the North Central states of Kwara, Kogi and Benue Candidate Buhari could not attract 25% of the votes. The retired army General barely managed to score 25% of the votes in North Central Plateau state. It would appear that the leaders in the rioting CPC have failed to enlighten their cold blooded and terrorizing followers especially the illiterate and semi educated youths in Nigeria's North North that given a candidate 100 percent of the votes in state X is not a guarantee that that very candidate will win the presidential election. It is funny how the CPC is emphasizing the very high percentage scoring of the PDP candidate in Nigeria's South South and South East. Are the CPC leaders and their empathizing rioters not aware that the PDP candidate bearer the South East names Ebelle and Azikiwe? Are the CPC leaders and their empathizing rioters not aware that the PDP presidential flag bearer is a South Southerner? Were these murderers, arsonists and vandals expecting the South Easterners and South Southerners to abandon their son? Lest we forget, even the South West and the South North, erroneously labeled North Central gave it to the PDP candidate? Thus it was not really a matter of rigging but a redefinition, reconfiguration and recognition of sorts. By virtue of the voting pattern, the good people of the North Central zone have made it clear that they are the Southern North not North Central. By virtue of the voting pattern, the good people of the South West have made it clear that Southern Nigeria is one united block. The April 16, 2011 Nigerian presidential election made clear that the peoples of the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria's South, including the mislabeled North Central, reason alike and are confronted with common social, economic and political challenges. Same applies to the people of Nigeria's North West and Nigeria's North East.

The following analysis will show the results scenario as at the time, mayhem broke out and hell was visited upon innocent Nigerians in Nigeria's North North. As at the time, the rioting started, INEC was yet to collate the results from Taraba state. Even then it was already clear to all, that incumbent candidate Jonathan was the winner of the polls. With 25% of the total votes cast in 32 states of the federation in his kitty, whereas he needed just 25% of the total votes cast in 24 states in contradistinction to General Buhari's 25% in only 16 states; even if the remaining state of Taraba goes to General Buhari, President Jonathan's lead could still not be torpedoed, trumped nor truncated. At that point, it was clear that President Jonathan was the undisputed winner of the popular votes, with over 21,000,000 votes vis a vis General Buhari's 11,000,000 votes. Even if General Buhari was awarded all the votes cast in Taraba state, the result of which was still being awaited, at the time the riots broke out; he still would not have beaten President Jonathan's total. In the light of the above scenario, an American politician would have openly congratulated the winner of the election. No not his Nigerian counterpart. What is even more objectionable is that the losing candidates and the party elders failed to enlighten their followers and prepare their minds for an eventual defeat. There are 36 states in Nigeria. Thus, a Candidate's supporters must realize that their candidate can win overwhelmingly in their locality and still fail to win the election. In other words, Nigeria is bigger than North Eastern and North Western Nigeria.

It is not entirely impossible that there were no less than perfect activities in certain places. However, considering Nigeria's democratic journey, especially the history of violent mass scale rigging in Nigeria; one would have expected all the candidates and their supporters to applaud INEC over the conduct of the relatively very peaceful, free, fair and credible 2011 Nigerian presidential election. Conducting elections in Nigeria is a logistics nightmare, because of the share size of the country, differences in terrain and huge population. Yet, INEC delivered so beautifully. Thus the rioters are robbing INEC of its well deserved accolades. The result of the April 16, 2011 presidential election in Edo state speaks very loud and clear. Now let's take a look at the result:


PDP 542,173 87.28%

ACN 54,242 8.73%

CPC 17,795 2.86%

ANPP 2,174 0.35%

PDC 1,179 0.19%

ADC 597 0.10%

PMP 597 0.10%

PPP 573 0.09%

NCP 327 0.05%

FRESH 316 0.05%

UNPD 188 0.03%

BNPP 140 0.02%

NTP 139 0.02%

NMDP 136 0.02%

APS 126 0.02%

MPPP 125 0.02%

LDPN 116 0.02%

ARP 88 0.01%

SDMP 81 0.01%

HDP 80 0.01%

The ACN won two senatorial seats in the NASS election in Edo state. The state has an ACN Governor. Yet the ACN could only manage 8.7% in the presidential election. Oyegun is an Edo man and Shekarau's running mate. Yet his party, the ANPP could only manage less than 1% in Edo state. Now we arrive at the interesting part. Jonathan's PDP got 88% of the votes cast in Edo state. That means, the Edo people voted for Jonathan directly. The people did not vote for political parties, they voted for individuals. I noticed this trend all over the country. Thus Jonathan owes no allegiance to political godfathers, nor political parties but WE THE PEOPLE. The lesson for the bitter and riotous losers here is that, Jonathan's victory is the victory of the people, whose various interests and causes he represents. The masses just chose to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan and voted for him massively. I wonder it is so difficult for Nigeria's legion of bitter and disappointed losers to understand that the majority of Nigerians have chosen Jonathan over any other candidate that contested the April 16, 2011, Nigerian presidential election. In an election, every one cannot win. You win some and you lose some. Riotous folks should take heart and cheer up. Hopefully their candidate could win next time around.

According to Muhammad Jamal Yushau of the BBC Hausa Service: "Most of those behind the rioting have been unemployed young men - uneducated and deprived. Often they are only remembered by politicians at elections, when they are sometimes paid to do their bidding. They could send any conflict out of control, because it provides them with an opportunity to loot and attack the people they perceive as their enemies." It would appear that INEC and the federal ministry of information will have to engage the voters and candidates more deeply in future elections. Without doubt ignorance of the details vis a vis what is required to win a nation wide election was partly responsible for the mayhem in the North. Based on news reports the rioters have so far killed many innocent people across the Sharia belt of Northern states where candidate is very popular. Many churches, trading stores, personal buildings and including vehicles have been burnt. The rioters have so far shown by their activities that they are targeting the Christian Southerners, especially the burning of Churches. At this juncture, one feels compelled to ask, whether there mass murderers and arsonists are aware that there are Northern Moslems in the Southern states of Nigeria? How callous, stupid and insensitive for any one to engage in a killing, arsonist and vandalistic orgy, without any human sensitivity for the sensibilities of the people in the other half of the country, whose people and properties are being decimated by these riotous idiots and their idiotic activities. INEC and the government at every level must now engage in a massive campaign to enlighten Nigerians to understand the electoral process, especially on the collation stage and on the consequences of killing and property destruction after the defeat of one's candidate at the polls. The Nigerian federal government should become more alert to its responsibilities. One must have a doctorate degree in Quantum Physics to be able to figure out that there would be riots in the violence prone Northern Nigeria, should the North's favorite candidate lose the presidential elections. Thus it is horribly shameful that the government was caught seriously unprepared when the riots broken out.

The government and its law enforcement agencies must start to get really serious about prosecuting Nigeria's legion of bad election losers. Election losers must learn to go to INEC for administrative review or go to Court to seek justice. We have witnessed many phony electoral victories reversed by the Courts. We have even seen INEC cancel some tainted and flawed voting. Thus, rioting, arson and destruction of properties is an unacceptable way to seek redress, where one feels cheated in an electoral contest. I hold the opinion that those persons behind the current riots, killing and property destruction in the North must be prosecuted and manifestly seen by all Nigerians to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Allowing these agents of destruction to get away with the very heinous crimes would be tantamount to encouraging the culprits to engage in same activities next time around. Nigerians in other parts of the country are watching too. As we very well know, nobody has a monopoly on violence.

The federal government must now make arrangements for the culprits to be fished out, investigated and prosecuted. Nobody should too high to face the law for the mass murder, arson and extreme property destruction so far imposed on innocent Nigerians by these dangerous loser politicians and their legion of ignorant supporters. A permanent solution to prevent a repeat occurrence of the riots is the provision of good governance. Accordance to Muhammad Jameel Yushau of the BBC Hausa Service, in his observation earlier stated; ignorance and poverty played a major role in these violent activities of the rioters. Therefore, the government must diligently strive to deliver to the people the dividends of democracy to help prepare Nigeria's human capital for the 21st century. Now that many innocent lives have been deliberately cut short by angry losers in Northern Nigeria, and properties possibly worth billions of dollars have been destroyed by the army of frustrated and bitter losers up North; will the victims of this orgy of killing, arson and vandalism be compensated?. Will the victims get justice? Will the perpetrators of this senseless injustice ever be made to pay for their dastardly acts to the fullest extent of the law? Will politics once again trump justice?



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Re: Blood Thirsty Nigerian Loser Politicians
First-lady posted on 04-23-2011, 15:59:21 PM
All over Nigerian papers we have seen hundreds of the almajiris lined up,supposedly captured and awaiting trial.
Can some credible folks please carry out the interrogations (not alhajis and mallams only as usual)
Some southerners ought to be there and the depositions recorded as evidence
I am pretty certain some of them would name names and give details

even the South West and the South North, erroneously labeled North Central gave it to the PDP candidate?

Thanks Mr Okosun,you got that right
Re: Blood Thirsty Nigerian Loser Politicians
DaBishop posted on 04-23-2011, 16:22:04 PM
For four years at Uniben, I suffered the indignity of being called an 'Aboki' because the southerners supposed that a Tiv man from Benue could only be a mallam...For years, I tried to educate them that we were Christians perhaps more devoted to the Bible than the average southerner...and although some of us speak Hausa as a necessity for communication, we resent being grouped as Northerners for indeed we have been historically in opposition to them since Tarka and United Middle Belt Congress (UMBC)...

Murtala retired ma of which was Abacha's class mate...
IBB killed all our army officers...he was scared of them.
Gideon Orkar explained our frustration then...

This election opens ya eyes...

now you now know...thanks be to Jah Almighty!
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