Dear President Jonathan,

Congratulations Mr. President on your being elected! On April 16, 2011, the Nigerian people officially and overwhelmingly elected you as their President. Your election was spectacular, different and nothing, like it since the inception of independent Nigeria. That's why it was special!

A little less than two years ago, when you first took office as a result of the death of President Umaru Yaradua, this country was going through reactionary events, upheavals, and crisis unlike anything since the events of January 15, 1966 – a nation practically ruined, neglected and destroyed by various illegal

military junta administrations, a nation where bribery and corruption reigned supreme, armed robbery, kidnapping, ransom demands and payments, the burning alive of fellow Nigerians whether at the church, or on the bus enroute to their various destinations, bunkering of national mineral resources, swindling and embezzlement of government and public funds and resources, evasion of taxes by corrupt rich people and corporate entities, the emasculation of poor citizens, a stunted economy that had ceased to grow and create jobs, mass unemployment of Nigerian graduates and high school leavers, commercial wave of "419" incidences, kidnapping of foreign nationals for ransom, police brutality, religious intolerance, sectarian violenceto the point of drawing arms against one another, Bakassi boys issues, the pitting of the Muslim North against the Christian South, raping of Nigerian women, killing of innocent Nigerians for rituals and the harvesting of their body parts to sell in the black markets at exorbitant

prices, corrupt money changers of foreign currencies at the nation's Airports, corrupt police and Custom and Excise agencies, importation and wild distribution of contraband arms and ammunitions for nefarious activities, terroristic acts and practices, poor health conditions, poor quality educational system and cadre of teaching personnel and resources, and a general anomalous Nigerian society.

Today, with your presence at the head of things in the affairs of the nation and with your re-election, we're in a different Nigerian society. A Nation that was once marred in perennial tribalistic chasms is now coming back together again as a united nation (as the internal democratic revolution depicted in your widespread support election of April 16 shows.) An economy that was stunted is now beginning to grow again. Yet, while this is a good omen and the long waited for sign of development, the results of the April 16, 2011 elections points many things clear. Among them include the fact that Nigeria, more than anything else, is still a house divided along tribal, religious and social lines of the haves and the have-nots, of Muslims and Christians, of Igbos, Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas. Across the country, millions are still struggling every day -- to find work, to eat one square meal a day, to provide for their families, to go to hospital and pay their hospital bills and even buy prescription drugs by the doctors.

In the midst of all these and beyond, God, in HIS mighty power, compassion and love sent you, President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan to the rescue. It is loud and clear that the type of desperate moment Nigeria now faces demands desperate measures to match. Not only this the moment we now face demands an effective leadership vision for how we as a people will put behind us, the above ugly impressions of our current nation and forge ahead and build once more a united, peace loving, democratic developed nation and vibrant economy. The future of Nigeria lies in your hands and all of us Nigerians and not in those of the gods, because, the gods and the stars are not to blame!

And that effective leadership vision is the national agenda, the topic expected of you to bring to the national table of reconstruction, reconciliation, rebuilding and development.In this your second term in office, albeit a short one at the first term, one would think that you have been well oriented in the affairs of the Nigerian experiment and politics, you would have formulated effective and practical visions for your administration that will lead the nation to her desired dream of becoming a united, peace loving democratic, developed and economically stabilized nation where "no man or woman is oppressed."

As the number one leader, touch bearer and captain of the ship of the Nigerian vision of the 21st Century, your cabinet members, all Nigerians, citizens and well wishers and foreigners inside and outside of the country alike, you and all of us mentioned here and beyond, will play a critical role in carrying out that

Nigerian national vision and agenda. It was because, I have observed over the years that not one past leader of Nigeria that has come to office and assumed the awesome role and responsibility of the leadership of the nation has ever entered office with any effective leadership vision that I began the process of writing this book as a resource to help future Nigerian leaders to understand what it means to be a leader and assume that awesome task of leading these great people of Nigeria. Now, as God would have it his ways, you have been overwhelmingly elected for the simple reason of charting a new national course for Nigeria - of listening to the people, their yearnings and aspirations, of putting up a clear and effective agenda, a vision for the nation to tackle these litany of national problems and challenging issues so that once in the lives of Nigerians, we can be proud of our country and call ourselves, "Nigerians!" Please I implore and urge you to use your good offices and effective skills and

talk to the nation about how together, we can win back our lovely countryNigeria and the future for our posterity by designing effective, practical, adequate and qualitative state-of-the art educational system, delving into technological breakthroughs, moving away from corruption toward becoming law abiding citizens, educating our children to the best of our abilities and resources, making sure that our teachers and the nation's professors of university and other tertiary institutions are well educated and prepared to assume the awesome, yet fulfilling task of preparing and educating tomorrow's leaders. By re-inventing honesty, industry, trustworthiness, religious tolerance, love for one another, respect for authority and national institutions, discipline, creativity, innovation, personal responsibility and accountability and finally the rule of law in the nation by your administration, Nigeria can once again, begin to be a respected and contributing member of the world's developed nations and thus, eventually and truly assume her age-old role of the "Giant of Africa!" To get Nigeria out of this rut and decadence and turn things around for the better and greater good of all lies in your hands.

Therefore for Nigeria to be, or not to be what we have all along dreamed for her to be as a united, democratic developed and peace loving nation is the question you and your administration will have to answer given this wonderful and glorious mandate given to you by the greater people of Nigeria, North, South, East and West of the nation. By involving country loving citizens and all Nigerians for that matter in your administration to work together, by preaching and working toward national unity, industrialization, discipline; by showing the pragmatic way to things you as the President would like your "dream" Nigeria to be, by leading the way and showing both your cabinet members and the Nigerian citizens what you would prefer life to be or what you would prefer to see happen in the nation, are a few of the ways, together we can achieve that dream new Nigeria where every citizen is happy and at peace with each other, and where happiness and development and the rostrum and citadel of democracy reigns supreme and finally turn that vision, the national agenda into practical Nigerian dreams come true! There is no doubt in my mind that by the end of your Presidency, Nigeria would have begun to turn things around for the better and greater good of all! God bless you and God Bless Nigeria.

Thank you Mr. President.


Onyema G. Nkwocha

Dr. Onyema G, Nkwocha

United States of America