Congratulations on your victory in the recently concluded presidential elections! Now is the time for you to reward the millions of people who voted for you with a better governance and prove to those who did not vote for you their error of judgement. To assist you in this endeavour, and for the sake of brevity, given your busy schedule, I have taken the liberty to list 10 things you should do to lead Nigeria to greatness that will gladden the hearts of all Nigerians.

1. You should get Diaspora Nigerians and Resident Nigerians to take part in the responsibility and financial sacrifice inherent in governance.

I suggest a 1% of salary regional development levy on all working Nigerians worldwide. This will bring development to each region and bring to an end our near total dependence on oil revenue from the Niger Delta region and thereby do justice to the people in that region.

2. You should provide leadership by example by giving up your presidential fleet and resuscitating the Nigerian Airways under competent and accountable leadership to facilitate tourism and a recurring visit of Diaspora Nigerians and others with capital and expertise for economic and social investment in Nigeria. You can borrow one of the planes when you need to travel outside the country. When your ministers and advisers travel on Nigerian roads like everybody else, their performance in office will improve.

3. You should appoint competent people in the Revenue Allocation and Fiscal Commission and accept their recommendations concerning the salaries of legislators, civil servants, etc. within the bounds of reason, worldwide practices, and the state of the Nigerian economy. My recommendation is this: to foster productivity in the public sector, which will influence productivity in the private sector, and to discourage the foray of all-comers into politics, you should make the salaries of public servants and politicians to be comparable to the salaries of professionals in society and to not exceed a maximum of 20 to 30 times the GDP per capita of Nigeria.

4. You should end the practice of giving Estacode to traveling public servants in order to end the waste and mindless abuse of the system. This will bring to an end the purposeless gallivanting abroad of politicians at the people's expense.

5. You should end the practice of sending civil servants and politicians abroad for medical treatment at the people's expense. When civil servants and politicians lose this privilege, they will raise the standards in our government hospitals.

6. You should decentralize Nigeria's security apparatus. Nigeria's security apparatus needs a complete overhaul. No nation is worthy of being called a country that is unable to protect the lives and properties of its citizens. You should allow communities who can raise the needed funds to have their own local police.

7. You should plug all leakages of government revenue through corruption by appointing ministers in your new cabinet who have proven records of honesty, capacity, and diligence irrespective of party affiliation and you should insist that they be transparent, accountable, and financially prudent.

8. You should implement a social safety net for the aged, the unemployed, the sick, and the disabled by allocating within the budget funds for universal social and health care systems.

9. You should enhance Nigeria's global competitiveness through substantial capital expenditures on repairing, revamping, or even replacing our dilapidated infrastructures.

10. You should use your bully pulpit to galvanize our people to be proactively engaged in solving our common problems. Government cannot do everything for us. The people should participate in providing the solution they desire in our democracy.

Your excellency, You have a great opportunity to live a lasting legacy. I hope you do. I wish you well. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. May God bless you. May God bless Nigeria.


Prince Abitunde Taiwo