An Open Letter To Mr. President

Your Excellency,

It is with deep feelings of an underrated society that I write you this bit of my many unexpressed concerns. It is with the same feelings that I stand to open your eyes to the error of overrated men who this regime has helped to make immortal. Indeed the complexity of the constitution might have rendered some attitudes unquestionable, but if you permit me to let you know, the phrase, "tamper justice with mercy" was not was not borne as a contour to unjustify. It came when 'free men' were becoming the most affected by the sentences passed on convicts. In a widow for example, her underage child is a free man. And for the sole child of a long-ago family, his aged parent are no doubt the free men. Therefore, when we tamper justice with mercy, what we do is consider the free men by means of commutation or the rarity of a reprieve.

I acknowledge the fact that Mr. President is not required to explain his action to me or anybody whosoever. But because the president has the unique ability to override the judicial system, release anyone he chooses, and return them to a state of innocence doesn't mean that pardon should roll in the air like freebies. As it is understandable that pardons are necessary, so should it be known that pardons are due only to the very well deserving receipients. Hence not, Nigerians might just win elevation for the title: 'Our leader has gone mad again'!

When you pardoned your ex-boss, a lot of people raised eye brows and couldn't just imagine Diepreye Alamieyeseigha become as free as air. I could remember "Jonathan Pardons Corruption" was the front burner of most Nigerian dailies at the time. I felt disappointed too, but after all reasoning, I must confess that I concluded it as a gift from 'son to father'. Quite deserved even though Alamieyesiegha was full of boast to name it a pre-bargained decision!

Another pardon that was accompanied by huge commotion was that of Major Al-Mustapha. Aside that he was charged and found guilty of the murder of Kudirat Abiola, who was the wife of late Chief MKO Abiola, winner of the June 12 1992 general elections, the tyranny of the regime under which he served has coated him with all the darkness you can ever imagine. But when his pardon came, I thought of his words at the then Oputa panel, how he claimed to have received unquestionable orders from late  Gen. Sani Abacha, I looked at his 15 years as a prisoner and some of his possible loss we may not know. Again I say pardon quite deserved even if he had taken advantage of our inability to query the deceased!

 Still on late Gen Sani Abacha was the controversial pardon you granted his son recently. Nigerians took to the street to protest the action of your excellency stating that Mohammed Abacha does not deserve a presidential pardon. That was not all! Fani Kayode also became a free man for no reason despite the 47 count charges of money laundering laid against him. However, the story of the duo was also shocking and I share the worry of Nigerians as well. But I was never surprised and to this again I will say pardon 'quite deserved'. Since Alamieyeseigha could do it, why shouldn't they?

I owe your excellency one thing and it is the voice of truth. This is Nigeria and I want you to realize that we do not joke with history. If a man once stole a rag and then he ceazes to steal, anytime he puts on brocade, the whole nation will see it as a stolen material. Therefore, I want to justify my words by saying that here, a pardon does not erase or obliterate the fact that one was once convicted of a crime. A pardon does not substitute a good reputation for one that is
bad. And a pardon does not attest to rehabilitation of a person. Once a thief, always a thief!

With due respect sir I want to ask if really you know that Nigerians had once celebrated your name. I want to ask if really you know that no president in the history of this country was given such a harmonious acceptance like you. But do you think it was just for your name? No! Nigerians have heard names! It wasn't for where you came from either! Instead, it was for the love of you. And if you know this you should be able to ask yourself the question: Why is this regime in such a mess?

I was one of the many Nigerians who stood to said no to many of the criticisms that faced this gov't in the past few years. I felt it was too early to condemn the administration as it was then of a baby age. But as the regime grows older, it has been a story of many unexpected scenes that words can not again cover. Corruption in particular has risen to the highest level we couldn't have imagined. And many of those involved seem to be having one form of presidential shield or
the other. If we cannot attest to all, Alinson Madueke's case at least is super-obvious.

If so be the case your excellency, I would like to advice you not to be bias in this mission of pardon. You can as well bless all the ex-governors, ministers, and top government officials who had series of pending cases of financial crimes. James Ibori I think will benefit from this. You can as well blow open the prisons and free every inmates home or away. Maybe this will put an end to the deadly Boko Haram! And if this pardon can go round for real, who knows Nigeria
might be born-again and begin to live without a corrosive attitudes?