Multiple Award winner, Tuface Idibia who was attacked and shot by armed robbers last week on way home after coming back from the United Kingdom where he just picked up yet another award, if fine and recuperating fast in a private hospital in Lagos.

Tuface Idibia, the multiple award-winning hip-hop artiste who was attacked by gun men in Lagos on his return from the United Kingdom last week is responding to treatment and is fine contrary to media reports that he is still in a critical condition.

While still lying on his hospital bed in a private hospital in Victoria Island , Idibia thanked all his fans for their concern over his misfortune.

Speaking from his hospital bed, the iconic singer who was shot by armed bandits on Thursday October 4 thanked God for sparing his life.

"I thank God. I know it's not luck. The bullet could have hit me somewhere more dangerous. So I really thank God, and I'm really trying to understand what he's trying to tell me with this incident," he said.

Reminiscing on the sad incident which happened along the Oshodi-Mile 2 Expressway, he explained that he was not aware they people that approached them that night came with an evil intention.

"We didn't know it was robbers. We even thought it was a car trying to ram into us. It was not until I saw the gun, and heard the shot that I realised what they wanted. So I told my guy, let's find our way o... these guys mean business. I didn't even know the bullet hit me. It was while we were running, that my left leg started failing me, that I realised what had happened."

"It's really sad that people would allow frustration lead them into doing such things. There are people on the road selling stuff, trying so hard to make it. Nothing comes easy in life; you've just got to keep trying. I pray they'll convert all the energy they use to organise those attacks into doing positive things that'll help their lives."

Meanwhile, one of the victims of the attack on the MTV Award winner, Mr. Ifeanyi Orji, who incidentally is a brother to Faze, a member of Plantashun Boyz, the group from which Idibia started his career, told of the bravery shown by Tuface in the midst of the attack.

"Tuface arrived and we started going home. We were free styling and singing one song called Sharp Bad Guy which I wanted him to work on when he comes back when all of a sudden two guys came towards the car and started shouting that we should open the door; we were in light traffic. I was driving and Tu-baba was in the front with me while Chucks, a friend that works with Bank PHB and the owner of the car was sitting at the back. I saw two of the robbers; one wore an Ankara clothe and held a shot gun while the other was at the back. Tuface tried to take control of the situation by telling them to calm down; he had a laptop on him when immediately the shot blasted," he narrated.

According to Orji, immediately they were shot at, Tuface started shouting that they start running   for their lives. As the third occupant in the car tried to come out, the other robber hit him in the neck with the gun he was holding. The three ran until they met a bus driver who they pleaded with to take them to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Orji, who just had 12 pellets of bullets removed from his arm which was held in a sling at the time he was spoken to revealed that Tuface showed a rare act of bravery during the attack for which he said he would ever be grateful to him.

"I was scared all through but Tuface was not shaken. He was very confident was in control. Even when we left the car, he was in control. His voice motivated us to run and his courage was solid; he didn't fear. When we were running, he saw me bleeding and ran to help me because he thought I was hit in the belly; he did not mind that he was shot also," he said.

Recalling how he got the news of the attack, Mr. Hycinth Idibia, member of the group Da Natives and younger brother of Tuface who just picked up the MOBO Award for the best African Act in the UK said:

"It was around when Tuface called me and asked if I was coming to the airport. I couldn't go so Odogwu (Ifeanyi Orji) went to the airport to bring him. Not quite long after I got another call from somebody informing me that he had been shot. I thought it was a joke and drove like a madman to Cedar hospital where they admitted them. On getting there, the first thing he said when he saw me was, ÔÇśHI see me so, bad boys don shoot me.' I immediately called our mother so they could talk because I did not want her to hear the news from another source knowing she has a tender heart. He hailed our mother: "Mummy Mummy, My African Queen, I am alright, God has defended me again" apparently to assure her that he survived and was well."

Refuting the news making the rounds that the singer will not be relocating from Nigeria or his FESTAC residence anytime soon, Tuface said he was not leaving the country for any reason. 

"As far as I'm comfortable where I am, I've got no hassles. Whatever will be will be. I might be in the US and be hit by a stray bullet. Anything good or evil can happen to you anywhere', he said philosophically. I have my business here so I'm not planning to relocate. I'll travel anytime I have to, and come back home. There's no place like home. But I want my people to be more positive and honest. Violence does no one any good."

Looking more rested and clean shaven, the star singer said he is not allowing the incident weigh him down as it was an opportunity for him to reflect on his works as well as compose new materials.

 "You can see I'm listening go a Russel Simmon CD lecture. I'm using my time here positively, and it's an opportunity for me to reflect on my business, as well as think of new materials for my music," he said with a smile playing on his lips.

His manger, Joice Ize-iyamu believes the attack, "this will definitely give inspiration for new and great materials. It's an experience well all never forget," as well as assured that Tuface will not be flown abroad for treatment as being speculating in some quarters.

"He will not be flown abroad for further treatment. His condition is very stable, so there's no reason for that. He just needs time for the pellets to expel, and for him to recuperate fully."

Idibia is presently been hospitalised in a private clinic in Lagos . He was moved from Cedar group hospital in FESTAC on Friday when the crowd of well-wishers became uncontrollable, making it a Herculean task for hospital security and doctors treating him to manage the situation though a date has not been fixed for his discharge. But his friends Ifeanyi Orji who was attacked with him has since been discharged.

While decrying the poor state of security in the country, Hycinth called on the police to concentrate more on the security of the people , adding that, "everyday you see them (policemen) on the road demanding for papers and Roja yet innocent people are being attacked everyday."

For his fans who have been sending across their messages to him, Tuface said he is very grateful for all they have been doing for him.

"I really thank everyone for their concern', says 2face who enjoyed a similar display of overwhelming support when he was attacked and injured by suspected robbers in 2005. ÔÇśI thank everybody, the media, my family, all my fellow artistes, my friends, my manager, the Kennis music family and the good Samaritans that helped carried us with their van when we were bleeding on the road after the attack last Thursday," he said.

While sending his quick-recovery message to Tuface, the President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Mr. Tee Mac Iseli, urged artistes to come and sign on register with the association's insurance program which he said was initiated for accidental cases like that of Tuface.

Hycinth and Ifeanyi Orji

Hycinth Idibia

Friends of TuFace


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Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Dele26 posted on 10-09-2007, 12:31:49 PM
Father, I thank you that nothing is too big for You. Nothing can compare with Your power and wisdom. Today We lift our voice to You, that You would be exalted in this nation. We pray that the leaders of this nation would honour and exalt Your Name, and that Your righteousness would be manifested in the market places of this great land. In Jesus’ Name we stand against the foolish dark powers that think they will triumph over You! Nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand against You Oh God, for You are mighty to deliver Your people. Our prayer oh Lord is that You would indeed make haste to deliver, and shine upon this land called Nigeria with Your glory.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Bigboy posted on 10-09-2007, 12:57:57 PM
Another reminder of the state of the security of life and property in our dear nation.

Thank God for Tuface's life and that of his friends. Wish them all well and speedy recorvery
Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Adeola Aderounmu posted on 10-09-2007, 15:56:18 PM

Please, if you can, kindly call Ifeanyi Orji on my behalf:

Tell him that I am thinking about him at this difficult time.

Tell him that I really appreciated him stopping-his-taxi-ride and saying hello to me on 2nd Avenue last december (2006) while I was fixing my car at a road-side mechanic workshop.

(It was my own christmas in Hell called Lagos!)

Tell him it was nice to see him again 20 years after!

Tell him not to forget the memories we shared at Festac Grammar School. I'm living with them.

Tell him I will like to send him my regards but I must have misplaced his number.

If he still has mine, tell him it hasn't changed!

Wish him and FAZE well, they deserve the best things in life.

My best wishes to Idibia. Thank you Tuface for putting Festac Town on the world map in the right way. You will live long to see the shame of your enemies.
Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Just mii posted on 10-09-2007, 15:57:33 PM
Pastor Dele26,

Amen to all your prayers.
Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Myne Whitman posted on 10-09-2007, 17:03:47 PM
“As far as I’m comfortable where I am, I’ve got no hassles. Whatever will be will be. I might be in the US and be hit by a stray bullet. Anything good or evil can happen to you anywhere’, he said philosophically. I have my business here so I’m not planning to relocate. I’ll travel anytime I have to, and come back home. There’s no place like home. But I want my people to be more positive and honest. Violence does no one any good.”

Sensible guy, Tuface.

Thank God this attack wasn't more serious than it was...
Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
EbonyLomo posted on 10-09-2007, 21:16:38 PM
The 'Thick' robbers who shot Tuface not only robbed him, but in the process almost robbed Nigeria of one of the few positive things to emerge from this 'fast declining' country. One wonders if they had not heard of him or listened to his fine music not to have a little bit of decency to spare him from the gunshots in the least. Afterall this is somebody who is earning him 'daily bread' through the God given talent bequeathed to him by the almight as against the many 'Political rogues' who bestride our political corriors of power. How i wish they could summorn enough courage to invade these political leeches and relieve them of their ill gotten wealth instead of ordinary, hard working Nigerians. I wish him a speedy recovery as it is, and may the almighty God 'commit the perpetrators to eternal hell fire'.
Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
IgoTalk posted on 10-09-2007, 22:52:54 PM
As Daddy Showkey go talk, "Shame to bad people!!"

We thank God for the life of this great ambassador of Nigeria who has done a better job of projecting a positive image for his country than many of the recycled political appointees will ever do.

May God continue to protect you Mr. Tuface. Like you rightly said, please use this experience to reflect on the meaning of life and let this only serve to refocus you and make you stronger.

Get well soon!

Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Ebe posted on 10-09-2007, 23:58:52 PM
Thank God for His mercies.
Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Emj posted on 10-10-2007, 00:24:37 AM
Do we really have a govt that cares. human life is now worth nothing, most unfortunate.

Thank God for sparing Tuface Idibia's life........congratulations to his mum and family.

May he live long to continue to make a difference.

We will continue to pray and hope that something gives soon. We cannot continue to waste away like this.
Was yakking with a friend a few minutes ago, and she told me that do i know that it is possible for one to be asleep, whilst the mind is awake....dat is the situation in most homes in Nigeria.....some sleep with one eye open, and others with their mind awake..........wat a sad development.........
Hmm......may we yet in our life time see the emancipation of all our people from spiritual, mental, political, economical and unwarranted/underserved poverty
Re: Tuface Idibia recuperating and fine. [With Exclusive Pictures])
Nonyellum posted on 10-10-2007, 01:30:27 AM
I thank the good Lord for sparing your life Tuface. I wish you speedy recovery. I admire your resilience.

Thanks to Ahaoma Kanu for bringing this to us.
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