Beautiful Blokes are hard to find?

by Ada Iwunze
Just wondering about relationships and the people we fall for.Yes, sometimes their outward appearances are our dreams, yet more often than not their demeanours jolt us back to reality. Amongst women, it is commonly thought that good-looking men are full of themselves and full of ****.

In all honesty, my subconscious was a prisoner to this opinion. I won't pick the phone till the fifth ring, won't get the door at the first tap and would never dress up too early for a date. I just did not want to add to his "already swollen head". In retrospect, I guffaw at my naïve idiocy.

The searchlight of time revealed the truth and proved my "relationship paradigm" woefully wrong and did I learn? Oh yes; even the hard way. My lesson is a story for another day.

I remember Sharon - a roommate in my university years. Really pretty petite girl, we called her Sharon stone, Yes she was her look alike, but had much smaller and softer features. Sharon was the heart desire of many campus boys, but unlike most other girls in her early years, never really had the "very handsome, prince charming – come whisk me away" dream. Her heartthrob was a guy, whose real names I cannot remember now, because we called him "the beast" and oh my god, he was a callous ogre. Cosmetic surgeons would need further research to help him. Not that "Mr Shrek" cared anyway.

He was a spoilt boy from a wealthy home. Name money and all it could buy, he had it. His riches availed him with female attention too, but of course, what they were after was common knowledge. Yet in Sharon's case, she was hopelessly in love with this bloke. She won't sleep if they had a fight, she called his name in her sleep, he dumps her in public and she returns to plead for another chance.

The guy was absolutely devoid of manners, yet her heart couldn't stop throbbing for him. Her love for him was a mystery to us all. Maybe she experienced a side of him that none of us could fathom. Maybe he had a beautiful side.

The rest of the story is a little hazy now, but the height of it all was when she was seen sleep walking after midnight, rumour had it that, he had done it again and as usual her heart was restless, even in sleep. She muttered his name on her way out of the hostel. She had to be held down by friends and rumourmongers. The latter made a bush fire out of the story.

Our definitions of beauty do defer, a princess can still love a shrek. A prince can love a duck. Just like the right to smile, everyone has the right to love and be loved. As much as we all do have our physical criteria, beauty remains in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes it is not necessarily the surface that we behold, but the beauty that lies deep in the heart.

We say that beautiful blokes are hard to find, but at least the knowledge that they do exist gives us the reason to hope that good fortune could be our friend and avail us with the right man… once and for all, or at least; this one last time and forever.

Dream on with me.

Ada is an M.A student in International Relations and Diplomacy at the London Metropolitan University.

lil mizzcurious
Guest posted on 11-05-2005, 22:20:38 PM
hey Ada, im a 16 year-old girl living in NZ.
I googled my surname out of curiousity and found you. So im wondering if i personally know you.
Re: Beautiful Blokes are hard to find?
Cyncere posted on 12-19-2005, 09:53:26 AM
I agree with you oh, my sister! The ugly guys can be really mean, and the handsome ones we generally believe are so full of themselves, as I have to come to realize, can be really kind, nice and sweet, but I guess it all depends on the experience and breeding of the individual in question. My advice to girls is to pray and believe that the good Lord Jesus blesses you with the right one your heart desires, and He will not disappoint you.
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