The scripture, Ephesians 3:9, made us to understand unambiguously that Almighty God created all things through Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the real purpose why God created human beings was simply for us to praise Him. God in His infinite mercy did not create human beings to be defenders of our Lord Jesus Christ, such that when there is blasphemy against His Holy name, Christians across the globe should flex their muscles and engage in destruction of lives and properties.Instead, from the existence of mankind till this day, Master Jesus has been our refuge, protector, provider, and promoter because He is alive. All that our Lord Jesus asks of His followers is to develop their faith in Him and give Him quality praise at all times. Many thanks to the British government (UK) that recently abolished blasphemy laws in 2008. Interestingly, before being repealed, the laws were already overridden by laws of free speech. Of course, the United States of America, father of democracy had long before now favored free speech in her Constitution.


When Reuben Morgan, wrote that song, “My Redeemer Lives” it was a reminder to Christians that, Jesus Christ would lift your burden because He conquered the grave. If blasphemy of Master Jesus is a burden to any Christian, then that person ought to wake up in the morning and first give Lord Jesus that quality praise so that the burden would be lifted. On the other hand, it’s likely that some Christians do not still understand the meaning of Jesus Christ conquered the grave. Since the days of Adam and Eve till today, except for Master Jesus, who else has conquered the grave? Indeed, He saw it, He said it, and He did it. Why should people trouble themselves with any form of blasphemy against the Lord of Lords – Jesus Christ, when He is alive? At His own time, He – Jesus, will respond to whatever only He will do. This may not even be any time during our life’s (for those of us that want to fight due to blasphemy) span here on earth. Recall that when God became displeased with King Solomon, God said in Deuteronomy, “Because you have done this, I will surely tear the Kingdom away from you and give it to your servant. Nevertheless I will not do it in your days, for the sake of your father David.” A valid indication that Jesus Christ will do whatever He pleases at His own time.

When the Roman soldiers tortured Jesus Christ to death with whips that tore His flesh, He (Jesus) did not ask His disciples to fight for Him. Rather, He gave Himself for us, an offering and sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma (Ephesians 5:2). Jesus Christ had the powers to walk away from the Roman soldiers, but His mission was clear – the resurrection power. So does it make sense for any Christian to kill people due to mere words and images of Jesus, referred to as blasphemy? No basis for that, hence this is a reminder to Christians worldwide that never again should any Christian respond or reacts to any form of caricature, words that supposedly bring the repute of our Lord Jesus Christ into the mud. Furthermore, should the Holy Bible be burnt by anyone, group of people, it does not warrant any response whatsoever because the rightful owner of the Holy Bible, The Holy Spirit is alive; as such, He would act at His own time. The truth is that when your Holy Bible is burnt, your loss without any sentiment is limited to the equivalent in dollar that you paid for it at the bookstore, so you want to ask yourself if the monetary value is what you’re fighting for or the sentiment attached to the Holy book. The Holy Spirit should prevail in our thinking at all times.

Let’s not misconstrue this message. When another religion tries to use force to change your belief, this is an individual issue which you can succumb to or resist by fighting with all the fibers of your being. What concerns our savior – Jesus Christ should be left to Him because He is alive. One of the obligation among others mandated by Jesus Christ is for His followers – Christians to preach the gospel everywhere on the planet earth. Chances are that some Christians may suffer/have suffered persecution in the course of preaching the gospel in some parts of the world, but that is okay because the Master Himself suffered the same faith and He never asked His followers to fight for Him. Truth be told, there has been freedom of speech, freedom of behavior since man was created. How dare anyone say that Almighty God did not have the powers to stop Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit after God warned them not to do so. They ate it and the consequences have been there till today. Therefore, it’s not up to man on earth to take heavenly laws such as blasphemy upon himself and want to pass instant judgment upon fellow human beings and properties. No man on earth can vehemently say that he knows the ways of Jesus Christ, therefore no one knows if really what we call blasphemy here on earth is relevant to the Master in heaven. However, if that is the case, Master Jesus, would respond at His own time.

  • Tosan Okotie lives in Texas, USA.