A President Atiku Abubarkar? .......

Looking for a better and prosperous country? Looking for people of goodwill in whose noble mindsets are roads to Nigeria's deliverance from the shackles of poverty, deceits, inordinate ambitions and self aggrandisement? Then look far from the direction of the man - Alhaji Atiku Abubarkar.

Atiku Abubarkar, the Turaki Adamawa and one time vice president of Nigeria, may have great political charms and an appealing mien. He may even be a good political orator who can bamboozle the electorates with eloquent flow of political promises during campaigns. He is still not the ideal president for Nigeria.

The little known Atiku Abubarkar climb to prominent under the political tutelage of late General Musa Yar'adua, senior brother of late president Umar Yar'adua. He was then a retire custom officer who was involved in the selling of ÔÇśtokunbo' cars in Kaduna metropolis. Any talk of him being an astute businessman with a business empire spanning many sectors of the economy before his political fortunes , is just his imaginations or that of those trying to justify the phenomenal wealth presently at his disposal. Prior to this political dispensation, Atiku using a Nigerian nomenclature, was just a ÔÇśsurvivalist' in the business world.

His odyssey to power as the vice president to the then President Obasanjo, was a miscalculation by the man (Obasanjo). Obasanjo wanted to work with a submissive and easily manipulated deputy, and strongly believed he has found one in Atiku. Obasanjo in his primitive thoughts believed Atiku, being a long time loyal and submissive disciple of Musa Yar'adua, would never question or undermine his authority no matter the situation. Thankfully, as it finally played out, everything turned out differently for Obasanjo; particularly at the last two years of his presidency. However, Atiku beclouded by an overestimation of himself and political clouts, went headlong to seek the mandates of Nigerians as President in 2007, and lost.

Let's forget the outrages that followed that election, every sane mind in Nigeria then and now knew there was no way Atiku would have won the election, except he was a candidate of Nigeria's all ÔÇśconquering' party called the PDP. That's why he is now back in their fold, doing everything he could to blackmail the party into making him its presidential candidate; despite his earlier resolve never to have anything to do with the party. His actions clearly show an unprincipled and over ambitious personality. His reason for coming back to the party is obviously to have an easy ride to the presidency of Nigeria come 2011.

What are Atiku Abubakar's leadership qualities to warrant an intention to rule Nigeria? What were his laudable achievements when he was vice president for eight years? What were the ideas he propounded during the then executive meetings where he was the second in command? And what are the ideas he is now selling to us to get our mandates? These are pertinent questions, whose answers are already known to enlighten Nigerians.

Those who aspire for leadership give room for the assessment of their private lives. How many still remember that at a time our country was faced with extreme poverty (though we still are), Atiku divorced one of his Hausa wives in order to marry an Igbo lady. He practically brought the serene village in Anambra state where the lady comes from to its knee by the amount of public funds wasted there. Such insensitivity is possible only with heartless ruler. Only close political observers would notice the reason for the marriage. His wives, are now geo-politically spread across the country based on their ethnic origins. This debasement of womanhood is what he is using as his national camouflage for power. We should also recall the numerous escapades with the opposite sex that were reported exclusively in the media during his days as vice president, without denials from him or his aides. Then imagine the ugly trend that will be introduce in our news items if he ever get to power as our president.

I have nothing against Atiku as a human being; but my patriotic instinct will hold me accountable forever if I remain silent, knowing he is nowhere near the ideal leader we are desperate for in 2011. Alhaji Abubakar holds a diploma in law from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; with the enormous opportunities life offered him, he did not deem it fit to further his education and expose himself more to the dynamics of intellectualism which is the bedrock of modern governance. Just like IBB, he is going to rely solely on inputs from technocrats in Nigeria and abroad, knowing he lacks the personal capacity for creative developmental thinking. How long are we going to continue with this type of absurdity in leadership?

I am still at a loss why we are not putting those seeking to rule us in 2011 on the hot seat over how they intend achieving their fanciful electoral promises and moving our country forward. Why are we not subjecting aspirants for leadership positions to writing aptitude test to determine their intellectual quotient and see if they truly understand the jobs they are contesting for? A little while ago, a clown who called himself an aspirant for Nigeria's presidency in 2011 claimed he would ensure Nigeria wins the world cup in his first term as president. This alone has shown this man should not be taken serious, because he has lost touch with the realities in Nigeria. What is a football world cup to a country grounded by poverty, diseases and lack of functional infrastructures? I am not surprised though, he is also among those with little education or questionable educational credentials.

Great leaders are known for principled stance. Awo lived and died for the emancipation of the people through free access to education; Aminu Kano fought for the downtrodden; and lived, ate and associate with them throughout his life. Azikiwe was known for his stance on the oneness of Nigeria and Ahmadu Bello for ensuring his people are not left behind in the progressive movement of Nigeria. What does Atiku Abubarkar stands for? Close to twenty years in politics, yet no ideological standpoint.

I joined Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in thanking Allah for His benevolence in his life; I equally congratulate him for building an ÔÇśelite' higher institution to assist in providing the much needed manpower for continued growth of Nigeria. But I am taking this patriotic stand ÔÇô Atiku, not again. Our people must smile again, the dreams of a better Nigeria must be realised; without doubts, a possible president Atiku Abubakar is a nightmare to the realisation of these lofty dreams.

By Olurotimi Adeola This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.