A Letter to the United States Congress/

I’m sure that on a daily basis there is an increase in the percentage of people in other parts of the globe that thumb up their noses as they listen to Americans debate immigration issue in the United States (US). It’s a debate that reverberates human emotions but tends to portray the point that over the years a political juggernaut crafted a myth in the US that says “we are all immigrants.” Since then, this phrase has been inculcated into the minds of many people that live in North American countries; as such, these people see the US as a no man’s land. This annoying phrase became a political gain/loss to politicians as well as a cause for ululation to illegal people residing in the US. When leaders shy away from the truth, chances are that they fertilize hatred between the different groups. The truth is very simple. Every civilized nation on the planet today has a lawful boundary and therefore the US cannot be an exception regardless of what any president had insinuated in the past. This immigration issue is a litmus test for US Congress in the area of discrimination which the US preaches against.

The debates on immigration have been from several perspectives: some argue that to enforce immigration laws would result to the separation of families. This is where the legal luminaries take the front row to make a case for human rights of these US border violators. They are also those who point to the fact that because the ancestral fathers of Presidents George Washington and Barack Obama came to the US as immigrants to meet the Red Indians, and they became US citizens, they have the right in the 21st century to arrive the US soil and also become US citizens. Annoyingly, they are those who argue on immigration from the point of winning election votes in their Constituencies. Then, they are those who are referred to as the band-wagon in the debate arena. They believe they can think, but in real sense they cannot think through. The likes of this group – the millennials formed the voting bloc that catapulted President Trump through the primaries in 2016.

In this day and age where the natural resources across the globe are depleting while population is rising and every country is struggling to keep their economy afloat by reducing unemployment and make life better for its citizens, some are placing so much emphasis on separation of families, hence the DREAMS Act was enacted. This Act should be abolished immediately because they are citizens of the US who die of poverty on a daily basis, yet some think that tax payer’s money in the US should be used to cater for children that are not citizens by any measure; this is absolute nonsense. It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with helping others, but only if you have first of all, helped yourselves. In every concept of life, you must be able to survive first before you give a helping hand to your neighbor. Americans have not relented in their generosity globally but there comes a time when this generosity must be cut-short when it’s no more convenient. Or better put this way – generosity to non-US citizens cannot be at the expense of US citizens. At least not at this time when it’s so glaring that the US is one of the civilized nations that cannot afford healthcare to its citizens simply because the money to do so is not available.

On the other hand, those who scream on top of their voices that “we are all immigrants” are dead wrong. The reason for this is not far-fetched. There was no government in place when the ancestral fathers from Europe arrived the space later called US and therefore the situation is different from today when there is a civilized government on ground. Except cobweb has infested the frontal lobes of a person, it’s not a rumor that apart of the area defined as the Garden of Eden where the creator (Almighty God) of the earth placed Adam and Eve – the first humans on earth, people migrated to the land where they occupy today and at that time, there were no borders. However, over time and with modern civilization there was now the need to plant trees or erect fences to demarcate one community from another. This later transformed into communities setting up their government to govern themselves. Once such government took effect and was recognized by other communities/countries, laws were enacted to govern the people within and outside the community/country. With this human development in mind, it’s a fallacy to think that because there were no government on ground when the ancestral fathers came to the US in the 16th century or so, and were automatically citizens, therefore, the same principle must apply in the 21st century. It’s obvious that the empathy from these protesters of “we are all immigrants” have no logical reasoning. Let’s take Mexico for example. Does Mexico not have visa requirements from other nationals into their country? If the answer is yes which of course is the same to other countries, why should the US be an exception?

Furthermore, do these protesters who carry placard that reads “we are all immigrants” even know that the US embassies across the globe deny thousands of visa applicants on a daily basis? If indeed they do, then, their conscience must tell them that their protest is discriminatory. Why would other nationals be denied visas and forfeit the visa fees they pay while another group is being rewarded by granting them a stay in the US after breaking the law for coming into the US illegally? Having highlighted these, the charade of “we are all immigrants” must end forthwith because it depicts senselessness on the part of Americans. The US is a country where human intellect is in abundance so to continue a debate of this nature on TV that is watched all over the world portrays American in bad light hence this misconception must be knocked down right away. For God’s sake, the US is not a place where the people detest truth which is a core value of life.

They are thousands of people from other continents that come to the US to have their babies. After birth, they travel back home with the babies. Then, as some point in the lives of these children born in the US, they come to the US to continue their education since they had acquired citizenship by birth. So, if parents of other nationalities could take their children back home why would the US Congress even discuss the issue of family separation when it concerns people from North American countries? Are we talking about the same US where matters of discrimination are considered a taboo? There are instances of when people from other continents came to have their babies and were unable to pay all the medical bills. Guess what. They were later denied travel visas never to step into the US soil again, so what is all the hullabaloo about?

There is nothing as provocative as when leaders deliberately cause chaos for the sake of winning election votes. Thus, the utterances of people in leadership position speak volume. Infact, the dereliction of these leaders in Congress is beyond human comprehension. They know the truth but they decide to mislead their constituents in view of dirty politics. These leaders forget that there are consequences for every action of theirs. When they deceive their followers, they invariably fertilize hatred between people instead of harmonizing them for better relationship. No doubt, Mexico, is a good neighbor of the US so rather than tell lies to the people, the truth should be properly addressed from both sides of the aisle for better synchronization.

As of the date of this letter, the US is the only civilized country that grants citizenship to new babies born in the US to parents of whom none is a US citizens. This gesture is more than sufficient so these protesters should not take the US kindness for stupidity. Sincerely, if a one day old baby is brought into the US, that baby should be sent back after the DREAMS Act is abolished. It remains a crime to break the law of any land and without sentiments or emotions of any sort, the laws in the US must be adhered to. Under no circumstances should criminals be rewarded.

Tosan Okotie

Lives in the US

February 23, 2017