A Clarion call to Northern leaders

Politics and politicking are interrelated; one is a means to achieving the other (politicking) while the other is the end itself (politics). Nigeria political system since independence in 1960 have produced great leaders, leaders that even in their life time were criticized, insulted, blackmailed and rejected by their benefactors. The same Nigeria passed through series of political systems, from regionalism to federalism, parliamentary to unitary, militocracy to democracy and now presidentialism. Nigeria as a nation have been bruised and battered by politics, politics in whatever form has done more damages to Nigeria than any other social or economic device. In all these battles, the Nigeria youths suffers, they suffer because as youths they expect the political leaders no matter the form of governance to protect and support them but the reverse has been the case, until  God’s intervention by bringing in President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) as President by unforeseen circumstances in 2009 and President elect in 2011.

The youths of Nigeria, the victims of the entire social, political and economic quagmire that befall Nigeria, the sufferer of the bad consequences in Nigeria, the weapons used to unleash terror and mayhem by the so called corrupt leaders and petite bourgeoisies. The youths though very creative in their thinking but deprived of creativity because that is the only way the so called self-acclaimed leaders and petite bourgeoisies can use them to commit whatever havoc they want to spread. Today the youths are now an endangered species in the Northern part of Nigeria, why, because Boko Haram an Islamic Group decided to unleash terror on the youths in that region. So painful and dehumanizing the acts of Boko Haram on the Nigeria Youths. The youths gradually are facing extinction knowing or unknowingly in the Boko Haram infested zones. The big question is what are the roles of the self-acclaimed Northern leaders and bourgeoisies? Is it that the division of the national cake is better than the survival of their people? A lot of youth empowerment programs are going on right now in Nigeria but the youths in the Boko Haram infested zones cannot participate not because they do not want to, but Boko Haram and her cohort have made life unliveable in those areas. Like Thomas Hobbes kind of State “life has become short and brutish”, no one can predict the next minute.

We all look or point fingers to President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) to do something unimaginable by destroying the whole of the infested Boko Haram zones with the military without thinking of the implications involved. The first thing we should ask ourselves, who is/are Boko Haram? Boko Haram is not made up of spirits; they are humans like any other person and they live among us, with more than 90% of members as youths. They have refused to identify with the Federal Government of Nigeria. One of their major claims is that President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) must vacate the seat of the President so that a Northerner can be sworn in. Nigerians especially the youths, is Nigeria for the North? We should be very happy and proud of President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) because he is God sent. Just imagine if this happened during General Obasanjo regime? The collateral damage would have been colossal. Yes as Commander-in-Chief, the president need to act and act fast, but this president is a democratic elected president, he will not want to kill those that voted for him. The Northern leaders are making the biggest mistake in the history of Nigeria by killing their youths, because a region, state without youths will be 40 years behind others. It is high time for them to seat up and understands the design, the design by Boko Haram is to make them 40 years behind and it is not good at all for them. They should redesign it by going back to their drawing board and push Boko Haram away with those same youths that are facing extinction. President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) will not resign, he is going to contest again in 2015 and he will win because his handiwork is beyond human imagination, his dreams for the Nigeria youths are laudable and we are good to go with him.

The good thing about this analysis is that we have more youths from the Northern region of Nigeria supporting President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) 2015 re-election than any other region in Nigeria. As a friend once said “Boko Haram is designed to kill all the GEJ For President 2015 youths supporters in the North”. My answer is, there is life after 2019. What will now happen after 2019 when President Jonathan must have vacated the seat? Will there be a North without youths? This is a clarion call to the Northern leaders; save your youths now or your region will be 40 years behind in the nearest future.

Collins Clarke (MRes Aberdeen)

(President Coalition of Nigeria Youths for Goodluck Jonathan).