A 3-point strategy for the destruction of Yorubaland

1: Manufacture the possibility of christian vs islam conflict in Yorubaland.

2: Empower imbeciles from both sides of the 'religious' divide and encourage them to take up arms against each other.

3: Yorubaland is turned into a theatre in the ongoing global clash of faith-driven barbarians.

THis is not an exercise in "out-of-the-box" speculation. While eyes are currently fixed on events that seem to be more deserving of attention, preparations to implement the topic of this discussion have reached advanced stages. With the likes of fani-kayode in the vanguard of the  christian side and various 'malams'/'shiekhs' funded by fundamentalist groups like tablegh-al-jammat on the muslim side also playing their part, only a few well targetted outrages from either side is required for ignition.

How conscious all the tools are of their purpose remains to be discovered.

The outrages that will set things off could come in the form of devastating attacks on places of worship or, perhaps with 'boko haram' declaring (through action) the launch of its Oodua based franchise. Sensibilities have been wound up to the stage where the slightest provocation will demand a response and the Yoruba, a people previously renowned for the manner in which they constructed a civiliation in which persons of different religions could live peaceably side by side, are being programmed to join the ranks of nations brought to their knees by unresolvable 'religious' conflict.  

The implementation of this agenda is already underway with the manufacturing of centres of conflcit in Eko and State of Osun. And of course, while the onward marching christian soldiers will recieve backing from NATO, the 'holy' warriors of islam will be supported by saudis and other arabian gulf monarchies.

In Eko, an orchestrated campaign has been launched to make sure that 'religion' will be an election issue in 2015. Meanwhile in the State of Osun, efforts are underway to ensure that Ogbeni Aregbesola is indelibly branded as an 'islamic fanatic'.

It will not be enough if, in spite of the efforts of those who wish to make christianity and islam a political issue among Yoruba, a political party still manages to impose a candidate whose suitability for office was decided upon (by the party's heirachy) using criteria that have nothing to do with religion.

The very idea that a person's mode of prayer has any bearing on his/her ability to function in a public office has to be invalidated. If not - if this argument is allowed to remain within the realms of reasonable discourse - then it will only be a matter of time before it does become the issue that determines who is fit for office; and eventually, who deserves to live or, who is fit for slaughter.   

Right from the beginning, Omo Oodua have manifested the greatest resistance towards ambitions to reduce the entire nigerian geographical space into an abode of easily manipulated zombies. Unlike the Hausa, Yoruba did not come into nigeria pre-conditioned to accept a status as second-class citizens on their own lands because of their ethnicity; in spite of the loss of Ilorin to those who had conquered all Hausa lands, Omo Oodua still had a consciousness of themselves as ones who, before nigeria, belonged to well-ordered large, urban and rural communities that were governed by indigenous systems whose origins were ancient and revered.

This conception of themselves as the authors of ideological and religious systems that are as logical and comprehensive in scope as any produced by any other group of humans meant that even when a few from the throughly westernised (or arabised) minority of fanatics sought to inflict the prejudices and bigotry that are an indelible component of abrahamic religions on the majority, they made little headway. They were in fact regarded as eccentrics who deserved pity and tolerance.

However, times have changed, certain aspects of the living environment that used to educate and condition the Yoruba human became subsumed into the senseless cacophony that is an intrinsic part of existence as a so-called nigerian human. Now the eccentrics, while not yet a majority, are a more sizeable minority who have been enabled by their status in the collective to occupy positions from where they can fully realise the urgings of their ignorance and servile prejudices.

I started by outlining the three prongs of an agenda to entangle Yoruba in the embrace of a form of chaos that is near impossible to be extricated from. It is by attcking the first two parts of this strategy that its purpose will be defeated.

This means that:

1: The proposition that a person's character can be defined by his or her allegiance to a religion must be debunked.

With regards to how it impacts on daily living, religion is ultimately about morality. No religion enjoins its adherents to be lazy, unimaginative, dishonest, or cruel. All religions, including our traditional Yoruba religion, asks us to be kind to our fellow humans, to pursue material advancement only through ways that are not harmful to other individuals and, to the society that we belong to. So, the idea that a person is a better human being because he or she prays behind an Arab or a Jew is nonsense. Yoruba say 'iwa le'sin e' - 'how you behave (i.e. your character) is how you worship'.  The only possible conflicts that make sense therefore are those between persons of low character and persons of good character. Yoruba also say 'Olorun o se'bi' - 'The Creator does no evil'. Which basically implies that persons cannot perform acts with evil outcomes and claim to be serving the purposes of the Creator (i.e. 'God'/'Allah').

2: The minority of imbeciles must be confronted wherever they show themselves. They must not be allowed space or opportunities to propagate their toxic nonsense without being challenged. This means that in addition to actively participating in debunking the unreason that is always at the core of the eccentric's servile bigotry, relentless pressure must also be put on political leaders to pay more attention to contents of the religious curriculums that young impressionable minds are being exposed to so that one generation of lethal imbeciles is not replaced by another.