After the passage of a given amount of time, the caterpillar turns in upon itself and becomes the butterfly. Time and the natural cycle is also what prepares the egg to give forth the hatchling and, it is time and natural forces that cause lumps of lead to turn into gold, into uranium and, pieces of coal to become diamonds. The passing of time and the workings of nature within various passages causes all things to change, some within short periods of human lifetimes and others spanning the lifetimes of countless human generations.

Knowing this, we should also know that what we call Nigeria will eventually become something else. This inevitable change is a part of the natural process and we have no choice about it. However, we can make decisions today that will influence the direction that this change will take. We can decide today that 50 years of Nigeria is enough.

We can decide that 50 years of low expectations are enough. We can then make a compact with ourselves, parent to child, neigbour to neighbour, leaders to masses. We can decide that to merely exist is not enough. We can define a purpose for our being. We can cut the chains that bind us to the entity created by imperialists for the exploitation of resources because there is much more to the reason for our existence than to be a supplier of minerals, a market for substandard goods, an importer of labour, an exporter of superflous 'expatriate' labour, a whipping boy for international hypocrites who declaim against 'Nigerian scams' while themselves benefitting from long-running frauds that span the globe and several human lifetimes. We can decide today that 50 years of aimless existence is enough.

Evolutionary science has identified the meme as being the manufactured (yet fundamentally immaterial) organism that propagates the ideas that underlie all those consensual illusions that we call reality. As we breathe each day, new meme are incubated. Most will not make it past laboratory stage but, some will make it to the final testing environments in the outside world and, from these, a minute few will find receptive hosts. These are the creators of the world that is remade with each inhalation of our breath.

We have a choice between being passive receptors or, being active in the creation and propagation of these reality-moulding ideas.

Nigeria exists not as an entity created by nature or, by the will of so-called Nigerians but, because of the passivity of Nigerians. This passivity is what permits the existence of a thing that has no other purpose than to occupy a space (physical as well as conceptual). This purpose is however dangerous because it is no different from the purpose of the cancer cell and as such, it cannot be allowed to continue - not when the cure is so easily available.

50 years of Nigeria as a word, as a name, as an identity and, ultimately as a project are enough. 50 years is enough because throughout its existence, this thing has been of benefit to no more than a minute few. Yes, if those whose lives have been enhanced by the 50 year old existence of 'independent' Nigeria are gathered together in the Abuja hall occupied by the currrent 'representatives' of the so-called Nigerian people, a majority of the seats will be empty. Because, when all is said and done, not even those who have stolen money have benefitted from the existence of this entity because, while they may have 'prospered' in the material sense, they have done so at the cost of their infinitely more valuable souls.

So, let us make a compact. It will be ceremonial but this should not be seen as a negative since in reality, all compacts are basically ceremonial. It is the meaning that those participating give to the procedures that give the compact/ceremony its gravity. So, let us make a compact. Let us, the African people that currently reside in the formerly imperialist/neo-imperialist contraption known as Nigeria, create a nation because we have agreed to do so for reasons that we will clearly specify.

And if our reasons for existing are so clearly stated that the child can understand them, the grown man/woman will be moved from the core of his/her being by them. So, among these reasons, let us include the fact that we are one people. We are one people created by the Almighty to take one form and even though time has sub-divided us into various cultures who speak different languages and have different words to describe components of the world, we are still all Africans and we were made so not by man but by the almighty creative force that made all things known and unknown.

Let us agree that our nation exists to enhance the life of all its children; let us agree that our wealth and high status as people shall now be determined by the condition of the environment that we live and work in.

We can start with a clean slate compared to others who today call themselves the "greatest nation on Earth" because our nation will not be built on the theft of other people's property and liberty. We who are currently called Nigerians have the capability to build a truly great nation and nature itself only awaits our acknowledgement of this opportunity to consciously direct our own evolution. But while nature is at times patient, its patience is not infinite. If we, for various reasons, refuse to acknowledge our opportunities, change will still come and, it will most likely be of a kind that will further degrade our conditions of existence.

50 years of sliding backwards and downwards is enough. Time now to become the gods of our own creation.