President Jonathan & His Critics

“The clear danger to public affairs commentary is that we have a lot of unintelligent people repeating stupid clich├ęs and too many intelligent persons wasting their talents lending relevance to thoughtless conclusions”……Rueben Abati

Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something or someone in an intelligible (or articulate) way,but what we have in Nigeria today is not criticism but hate,prejudice and push him down at all cost syndrome.Nation's building process is a two way traffic,independently and naturally regulated by scared doctrine of "SOCIAL CONTRACT". How a society functions optimally is largely dependent on attitudes and behavioural pattern of its citizens because it is from these pool leaders will emerge. I’m very sure the president’s critics are very much aware of this concept as veritable principle for national developments and cohesion.alt

In a country,where virtually every healthy adults' sense of shared responsibility,patriotism and civic obligation to the state and its institutions are almost diminished,it will take audacious miracle for such country to progress in any spheres of human endevours.Critics of President G.E.Jonathan are not analyzing Nigeria's abysmal performance from empirical analysis based on concept of an ideal society where citizens voluntarily obey less than basic laws and regulations.It's utter disaster and inferno from hell when healthy adults cannot understand safety rules and consequences of driving against traffic,importation of fake drugs and commodities,arms smuggling,fraud,tax evasion,e.t.c,How do we intend to progress as nation with audacious criminal tendencies and unpatriotic traits as a cultural norms?All of us are yawning and praying for a better country,but how many of us are ready to sacrifice for our communal survival?

Yes,leadership is part of Nigeria's woes and neither the president nor people in position of authority can be immuned from criticism.Infact,life itself is not interesting without challenges of critics.But engaging in rumour & scare mongering tactics,smear campaign,using of foul words against a sitting president in a volatile country like Nigeria is extremely too bad and uncalled for.Some say it's the beauty of democracy but, i totally disagree.It's purely a symptoms of bad education,lack of emotional and moral confidence.You don''t degrade,damage and torment a person to make a point!Engaging in constructive criticism is best techniques to voice our opinion.Constructive Criticism is best method to engage the President,It appreciate a person strength,celebrates achievements,criticizes failures while suggesting other areas of improvements. it's not damaging neither does it make a person lesser being, infact, it will spur the person to improve his performance and persona,but what we have in Nigeria today is far far below constructive criticism.And mischievous element are really cashing in on these arm chairs and self righteous critics.Boko Haram's Menace is a good example.

Jonathan’s critics (not all) have finally thrown caution and decorum to the dogs.Treacherous,Inciting and Treasonable statements are now the hallmarks of these unpatriotic and mischievous critics,but one thing these ignorant elements should know is that President Jonathan is a captain of a distressed ship.Navigating a “quasi” eternal turbulent water with dilapidated engines is not a tea party affair.He needs absolute patriotism and cooperation of all crew members for successful voyage.Anything less is a recipe for disaster.

Personally,i sympathize with President Good Luck Ebele Azikewe Jonathan.He is presiding over a country where the voice of felons,saboteurs,arsonist,terrorists,cynics,tax evaders,coup plotters,fifth columnist,chronic unpatriotic citizens,e.t.,c, are the loudest. Can someone ask these critics to present their personal income and corporate tax payments records?

A nation on the path of greatness cannot be powered by unpatriotic citizens.It's practically impossible!