Nigeria,as it's presently constituted cannot function optimally if power is not decentralized from the center to encourage healthy competition among the federating units.Same with the policing system or how do we expect a Yoruba man who has never been to Kaduna or Kano to police such places efficiently when he can hardly understand the dialect,culture and socio-economic and political inclination of the people.What kind of policing system is that?And what interest does someone in Abuja has in Ikorodu,Apapa road in Lagos or a bridge in Sokoto,Enugu or Kwara state or primary school in a remote village in Nasarawa State?alt

The concentration of power at the center is already creating unhealthy competition between North & South,it’s very common now to hear about noble policy or idea (State police,Geo-political zones,decentralization of power,e.t.c,) been opposed vigorously because of perceived sectional interest or domination .But the North is not doing itself any good by relying on external factors like oil or tax from goods and services from the south for its own socio-economic security and future.It must a matter of its own ultimate survival develop road-maps for its own future (even the south)opposing this and that will not help alleviate the daring situation in the north,with national resources already outstretch to it optimum carrying capacity,socio-economic and political tension could make the country to implode.We don't need soothsayers interpret this symptom

The seeds of hate and mutual suspicions has already been sown by our elite,because the oxygen our elite need to survive is conflict and confusion.That's why Niger Delta,Boko Haram,OPC,MASSOP,MASSOB,e.t.c, menace are the making of our political elite.These circus of madness is now "DO ME I DO YOU, GOD NO GO VESS SYDROME".By the time power shifts to the north,militants from other side of the divide will strike again and the rumbling will continue.

A tolerant and progressive North sharing its values and it interest with South and vice versa is ultimate dream of any peace loving citizens of this great country,but to achieve these goals,the North through its exposed Intellectuals,Thinkers,Clerics,e.t.c,should leverage on its core interest and values to rescue the north from abject Poverty,Illiteracy,Juvenile delinquency and Almajiri syndrome,with these, the north will be more respected and favorably compete with south in any sphere of human endeavors without the like of Asari Dokunbo threatening to starve the north.

The pathetic and depressed situation couple with Boko Haram's bombing in the North is making the South to treat it with DISDAIN and CONTEMPT.That is the reality of life"YOU MUST BRING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE BEFORE YOUR OPINION IS RESPECTED”.In human relation,when you are socio-economically disadvantaged ,your peers,even your parents will treat you with less respect compared to your sibling who are doing better in life and i must confess these are major factor fueling the attitudes of southern intellectuals and elite,which sometimes are over exaggerated.But who do we blame?Northern Elite of course! who over the years manipulated power without empowering its people like what OBAFEMI AWOLOWO did in South-West.

Concentration of power in Abuja is not favouring the north,it only stampedes her developments.This system only encourages the elite to gather in Abuja like vultures in sharing and devouring National cakes while leaving their impoverished people dry,low and frustrated. This time,North through it communities and intellectuals should redefine its interest and values to accelerate developments and empower its people but not at the expense of the South.


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