The acceptable universal definition of democracy is government of the people for the people by the people.A classical and conscious social contract by people to establish a representative government that will represent and protect their interest at all times through periodical voting.In effect,all representatives from the president to house of assembly members derive their power from the people they represent and must put the people interest above individual or parochial interest.

But the recent unilateral revocation of fuel subsidy by the government has finally shown that,what we have in Nigeria is totalitarian democracy.Where the people are only giving the right to vote but are not granted right or say in government decision making or policy formulation process.In the build to removal of fuel subsidy,government should have embark on public campaign to educate Nigerians on parlous states of our economy and lay out measures to mitigate the effects of subsidy removal.Just as it is done in other clime,due to global economic crisis.The 2012 budget should have reflected massive spending cuts for political officers and non essential goverment expenditures to show some sense of solidarity that the leadership shares the pain and frustration of the people.But,Nigeria, the elites have this long tradition of treating the masses with disdain and contempt.The federal executive council meeting is only a jamboree where contract is shared and splitted to cronies.And that informs why Nigeria remain backward because the people elected to represent our collective interest lack that basic sense of communal survival.They are only there to feather their own nest.Nothing more!

The plan by the govt to procure 1,600 buses to cushion the effects of subsidy removal is a clear signal that the thinking process,sense of judgement and intelligent quotient of this government is very poor and below average.The so called federal executive council are not doing any thorough analysis or thinking to safeguard our interest.This council only exist to promote imperial ideology and sentiment.

What has 1,600 buses got to do with dislodging 160million people economically?Assuming these buses are going to be free for Nigerian commuters (which is not even possible) who is going to maintain and manage it.Which routes these buses are going to ply to relief the masses?Where is the white paper on these palliative policy?Arrant nonsense!I hate to think about these 1600 bus issue because it's akin to giving an innocent adult three (3) hot dirty slaps in public and offering him sweet to say sorry.Haba!That's a serious sin before God and man even the so called 25% reduction of salary of executive members or whatever office is just to suite frayed nerves and is of no effect."Na 419 Paper work"!This government is so grossly inefficient i can now understand why Boko Haram is bombing and acting with impunity because they must have discovered intelligence report that the govt is not focused on it primary duty of protecting Nigerians. A deficiency Boko-Haram exploited to the peril of innocent citizens.What a tragedy!

A very serious and proactive govt would have roll out and implement palliatives measures at least 6month before implementation of subsidy cancellation.Nation building is a collective efforts,a situation where the people are discounted and impoverished by the government is tantamount to creating a permanent environment riddle with violence,crime and even war where even the arrogant elites cannot enjoy their wealth.Because if the poor cannot sleep because they are hungry the rich too cannot rest and will die of high blood pressure.What an irony!

That a shoeless president from a very humble background with PH.D and solid public goodwill is acting the script of chronic sadist is something that beat my imagination.Now Nigerians will learn how to be eternally vigilant because that is the ultimate price of liberty.

It's a pity and huge shame that this government has no concrete plans to transform Nigeria positively.A government that is busy initiating policy that will further impoverished it citizens is only tendering the pitch for criminals of different shades to reign supreme.

We the people are merely existing to massage the ego,subsidize, fuel and finance the expensive life style of these emperors in their imperial realm.

AKINOLA M.A. Writes from Verona-Italy.


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