It's gradually becoming obvious that Boko Haram menace is an artifical creation of the Northern elite to ambush and force Fed Govt to concede more federal allocation to their region.If not,why the sudden call for revenue when Boko Haram is holding the region by the jugular?Hmmmmm...This is clearly a script but very "Inhuman and Criminal"!It's a pity how some elite can be so reckless and mischievous.

A direct dialogue with Boko Haram by the federal goverment is a deadly bait and a huge recipe for disaster.Because no nation can progress in any human endevour if it territory is cesspit of criminality from inferno of hell.Any attempt to dialogue with Boko Haram will encourage other militants groups across the federation to take up arms,commit crimes with impunity and get away via amnesty or dialogue.

I have never seen any nation surving or making progress where creation of artificial anarchy is a template to access state treasury.It's not coincendence that CBN governor went all the way to England to inform the world that Boko Haram menace is due to unfair sharing of oil revenue to disadvantage of North and Governor Aliyu of Niger State (Chairman of Northern Governors' Forum) is now flying the kite for more revenue.Now the chicken has finally come home to roost.The real elements behind Boko Haram menace is the Northern Elite.The script is very clear now!A discerning mind should know better.

The solution to Boko Haram lies with Northern elite and it communities.These two components are the live wire of any human society.Nothing good or bad happens in any society without input and knowledge of these components.

But if the federal govt yields to direct dialogue with Boko Haram,then 160million Nigerians should be notified before negotiating away our rights to freedom of choice,religion and surrendering our sovereignty to the Taliban or Al-Qaeda terrorists cells in Nigeria.

AKINOLA M.A. writes from Verona-Italy.


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