How Uncultured Can Kemi Omololu-olunloyo Be?

This morning, I woke up to the news that the Ikemba of Nnewi and former warlord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had passed on and the first thing I did as a journalist was to verify the information. For some months now, the Ikemba has been hospitalized in a London hospital and at a point, like the late elder statesman, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, there were rumours that he was dead, which turned out to be false.

So I started placing calls to sources I knew were impeccable. I tried the Bianca Ojukwu's mobile in UK and got no reply and also called some other leading journalists I trusted and they told me they were yet to verify the news. ThisDay online service helped with announcing that the APGA founder was dead. I called some four more sources in the UK to be sure and got the confirmation; the Ikemba had gone.

As I prepared to start researching on the deceased to get information on the tribute the medium I worked for as a journalist will use for an article on the elder statesman, I decided to first post some of his comments on issues in Nigeria in the name of respect and tribute to a man I respected so much.


I chose the social media network, Facebook which I was very familiar with and posted an announcement that Dim Ojukwu was dead.

While reading interviews he granted while still alive, that of my mentor, Nduka Otiono, being very informative, I saw notifications on my phone on comments to my post on Facebook.

I posted this,

"Former Biafran leader and leader of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu is dead. Thisday can confirm that he died late last night. He had been sick for a while and was receiving treatment at a united Kingdom (UK) hospital. May his soul Rest in Peace. Amen," and guess who was the first commentator, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo and her comment jolted me. She wrote, "SMH..Rest in Peace?? There will be no peace for him for what he did to those kids."

I was surprised at that comment and must say that the lady in question was among my friends on Facebook and I have been following some of her comments on issues and one thing I noticed was her sometimes unguarded utterances especially to Nigerians who try to reason or argue with her comments.

Now, I did not want any attack on my page as I am very careful, as a public commentator and practising journalist, of what I put out on any social networking media.

I cautioned her about her posts by writing, "‎@Kemi Omololu, pls don't start this here, I beg of you. I revere and respect as an Igbo leader as you do Awolowo so pls don't start this on my page, this is with all due respect."

Already more comments were pouring in and some made reference to what she posted but I did not want to turn the tribute on my wall to a man I respect to be used as an online theatre of war. I continued with my business and tried to post some images of the deceased and as well uploaded a picture of the Biafran Flag of which Ojukwu will be remembered for. And that was where hell was let loose.

For those who don't know him, Ms. Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo is the daughter of second republic governor of old Oyo State, Victor Omololu Olunloyo; her detail is widely on the internet but like I said, I have witnessed several occasions where she has engaged inappropriately with Nigerians online and her utterances are really unguarded.

She was the first again to comment on the picture I posted on MY wall even after she was cautioned. I took the liberty to check her wall and saw what she posted there and other follow up links she gave abusing the Igbos and calling them illiterates. I never bothered to respond to any of them as she did that on her page and to me, it was not really my business.

Kemi commented on the Biafran flag thus, "Biafra is DEAD and has been DEAD! O' was a war criminal. May he rot in HELL."

I was irritated with her comment and replied with, "Like your dad" and that started a display of gross ill manners, disrespect and direct attack on people that commented on that forum.

She came for the kill with, "Who's dad , what dad? Are you one of those in my page thinking Im a politicians kid? And then, "Phonies all around me..."

One commentator, Maria-Assumpta Uchime Ucheka also cautioned Kemi by posting, "Kemi pls watch ur mouth. Hum? If u don't believe in a person or race, stay clear & keep ur sense & mouth closed as regards their affairs.

I decided to correct her at this point in her claim that I was on her page by reminding her she was the visitor there with the comment, "Point of correction Madam, this is my page so pls respect yourself here. I have seen all the tribalism you have exhibited within the last few minutes against the Igbo; I am one and if you hate my people, don't expect me to like you. You need to learn something-GROW UP."

Kemi came back with obscenities, using the four lettered word with careless abandon. She posted,

"Fuck all of you. I have 5009 friends and need to get rid of 20 today. This is one of them. Like I always say, God help me with my friends. I can deal with my enemies."

It was at this point that Carol Jiani, the Nigerian-born Canadian singer came in to caution Kemi. ( At the point of writing this article, she had deleted some of her comments so I can't quote all of them)

By the way, Carol is singer based in England best known for her early 1980s hit "Hit N Run Lover", (see profile on Wikipedia here

She wrote, "It would be best to delete and block this person called Kemi... it seems that she has no respect for another human being, a disgrace to the human race.....Ojukwu was a friend of my dad and they worked close together may his soul rest in peace."

And Kemi went after Carol with "@Carol...umm u look like a transvestite tell Kanu to block me as I can still see his page or he needs to privatize his wall."

I replied Carol not to worry with the comment, "Respect great Igbo Sister and international achiever. For Kemi, you don't need to block her; you allow her here so she can learn how to respect. We are all Nigerians first and change is the only constant thing in life. I hope she changes cos she is disgustingly arrogant and needs help. Thanks again Sis."

And more unthinkable obscenities followed from Kemi, someone who claims she was educated at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, Goucher College Maryland's School of Public Relations, and the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland all in the United States. She wrote, "‎@Carol-Another cheap Ibo bastard looking for freebies. @Kanu as you know I am the News Director for Yahoo news Canada so I have to be near a computer 24/7. ALSO...pls tell your asshole friends to stop making friend requests. I have 5000 friends minus you 4999 and absolutely no friend requests. Thanks for your interest. Where the news is ON TIME! Rest in Hell 'O! I hope the maggots feast on you! Any other person talking to me on this thread should realize they are talking to a WALL!"

I tried to caution Kemi again because it was news that she claimed to be the News director of Yahoo News, Canada and knowing that such position comes with some sort of responsibility, I mentioned her lack of morals to her thus,

"I have 5000 friends as well and don't brag about it; I am just hearing you are news director Yahoo Canada; and in your capacity you use obscenities like this, go back home to your mum or any elderly woman to teach you about morals, you simply lack it. as for deleting, thank God you cast yourself out. You simply cannot withstand the counsel of the Godly, the anointing here is too much for you."

And then a became a mother........., "LMAO! Who's bragging about FBfriends. I have 37,000 on twitter and 10 Nigerians. I tweet all day. Muthafucka," Kemi wrote.

I gave up. I noticed she was all out for Carol, having checked her out and had discovered she was a celebrity, she went to her blog and put up a false report on the interaction. (See the report here"

What I found out when I read through the cheap lie was that Kemi only used Carol's comments but never used any of the obscenities she used on everybody on her blog.

She started with lies that she manufactured caliming that her sources in the Nigeria media informed her that Carol was sleeping with Ojukwu.

"Carol Jiani is a Nigerian "transvestite looking" wannabe singer I've never heard of. She called me a "disgrace to the human race" due to the fact that I condemned her father's friend Odumegwu Ojukwu, one of Nigeria's well known WAR CRIMINALS who died last night in London, UK. Jiani as well as other members of the Ibo tribe are upset over this man's death. Her "failed campaigns" trying to build shelter for the homeless and getting safer roads built in Nigeria is just an agenda for boosting her dull music career. She gladly acknowledged when reading my post that she was happy that she will be saving ad revenue and so I should blog about her all I want."

Wonder why she didn't ask Ojukwu for $$ to finance her agendas. I guess Ojukwu's cradle wife Bianca won't let her near her man. My sources at Nigerian tabloids also say that Jiani was even secretly sleeping with the WARLORD! Not surprising since they sleep with their father's friends over there in Eastern Nigeria. Sick dickhead."

It was then I realized that Kemi needed medical evaluation in her place of residence. She boasts and swears at the same time.

Carol has informed her that she will get her lawyers to tackle her malicious report on her blog while Kemi is still bragging.

Honestly, I am still wondering who this Kemi is to be so shameless in her interactions.